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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part II
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The magnetic loop is comprised of swirling and spinning magnetic matter — invisible dark matter. The latter is found in waves of various sizes and densities. Although dark matter is usually transparent, there are visible manifestations: for example, the gray space or halo-like objects — containing highly-concentrated magnetic loops — that surround galaxies. Every energetic formation, including dark matter, is continuously involved in the shuttling of magnetic matter to its internal magnetic space. In contrast to its configuration in the energetic loop, the energetic path in the magnetic loop is rigid and protects its territory (pictures below).

Click to enlarge; NASA
The wave formation of a solar prominence: magnetic loop in blue and the energetic in red.   Auroras are the earth’s magnetic loops.

Click to enlarge; NASA

A diverse array of wave lengths exists, and every energetic wave possesses a specific frequency. A particular wave’s properties depend on the amount of energy that is at its disposal and only formations with the compatible frequencies can communicate with one another (just as every radio station sits on its own frequency). Similarly, the energy in ascending energetic loops only proceeds along suitable energetic paths. Moreover, this framework ensures that individual loops do not interfere with other, unrelated loops, which is essential to the efficient functioning of the universe.

Any change in the energetic activities in a wave formation’s vicinity is immediately signaled across its entire edifice as a rigid, energetic “impulse.” This process is characteristic of waves as large as the universe and those as minute as atoms or photons; namely, waves of all shapes and sizes. Consequently, Einstein’s prediction concerning gravitational waves even applies to atoms, and wave theory constitutes the realization of Einstein and Plank’s dream.

Within the wave, distance is inconsequential. It takes the same exact amount of time for signals in each and every wave to reach any and all destinations, regardless of the size of the particular wave, be it a galaxy, solar system, or even an atom. The entire universe is indeed miniscule relative to the vast borderless space outside its boundaries. In fact, the variance between our universe and the undefined space may be compared with the proportion between a photon and our universe. Nevertheless, a signal that is transferred cross the universe reaches its destination in the same amount of time it would take for the signal to reach a neighboring planet, moon, or house. There is no notion of “things taking longer” within the realm of internal signaling. In other words, the internal signals of every wave are transferred immediately, as size and distance are inconsequential.

Einstein determined that every wave travels at a uniform speed. Yet, a clear distinction must be made between the speed of a wave, which varies from formation to formation, and the speed within a wave, which is always the same for every wave. However, the method by which these internal signals are transferred is unknown and warrants the attention of researchers.

The universe, and for that matter all other formations, contains a center, from which the magnetic waves depart in the form of wave prominences. Even the atom possesses this type of framework, which ensures that its neutrons and electrons remain on their orbit (see the article, the Structure of the Hydrogen Atom).

Everything in the universe adheres to a clear hierarchy whereby larger entities engender smaller entities in an enduring cycle. Since energetic matter only moves in one forward direction along the energetic path and does not veer off its course, the wave formation must be a closed alignment. Formations do occasionally escape from the magnetic loop, but these ‘runaways’ are doomed for destruction.

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