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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part II
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The energetic paths of some formations resemble the alignment of galaxies M51 and NGC 7317-20:

M51 Galaxy


These galactic formations depict the wave formation of energetic and magnetic swirls that are created by concentrations of energetic matter. Energy is transferred between the magnetic and energetic loops of the wave formation along the paths of the galaxies, all within the area of the wave. The invisible, gravitational dark loops are in perpetual motion. This, then, explains the existence of ghost galaxies in condensed, highly-magnetic areas. From these pictures, it is evident that energetic matter constantly creates different closed wave structures. If not for the wave formation, energetic matter would disperse, like lightening, due to its repulsive properties. The energetic loop is incapable of maintaining its energetic matter alone. The closed configuration of the wave thus serves as the guardian of the formation’s energy.

The phenomenon that have been captured in these photos transpire throughout the universe in formations of all shapes and sizes. This only logical given the fact that, according to wave theory, everything in nature is aligned into the same type of wave formation, and all of its variations are governed by the same laws, including the properties and behavior of dark matter.

Dark matter thus constitutes an ingenious network of magnetic loops. These energetic structures essentially rule the universe in an incredibly efficient manner, which demands further research. However, it is clear that galaxies do not propagate in a random manner:


The ongoing efforts to research the universe are a captivating and boundless story. This relatively new, unconsummated chapter on dark matter plays an essential role in the narrative: dark matter assumes the role of the gravitational-magnetic loop — the magnetic component of the wave formation — that preserves the structural integrity of the entire universe.

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