Predictions and Proofs: Gravitation

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Gravity Force – Weight (Predictions)

Wave Theory, Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry

In Paris 1 kilo of feathers and 1 kilo of iron are equal.
In the north pole iron will be hevier than the feathers.
In the equator fethers will be lighter than iron.

Explenation: Here we see gravitational wave of Aurora (wave formation – quant) which have two kinds of energetic path.    

1. Ascending energetic
2. Perpendicular to him (horizontal) magnetic (gravitational).

In the north the gravitational semi-loop is greater and affects iron more than feathers.
In the equator energetic semi-loop is more prominent, and the pushing ascending force is prominent and affects feathers more than iron. From that we can canclude that gravity and weight are not the same.

Gravity =

Condensed Energetic Matter

Its Space


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