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Astronomy: Proof to Wave Theory
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Given the data above, an event that occurs on the sun is immediately communicated to all the planets in our solar constellation. There is a considerable amount of evidence for this phenomenon, but let us concentrate on the example of the polar aura, which is an electro-magnetic effect that reacts immediately to some of the sun’s major energetic events. Consequently, prominent changes to the aura coincide with solar occurrences. We can observe such solar phenomenon via the telescope. However, it takes eight and a half minutes for a ray of light to arrive from the sun (the wave/light propagation). Perhaps, similar phenomenon can be observed from other planets after conducting mathematical calculations that take into account the distance of every formation from the sun and the earth.

Incidentally, this theory does not negate or contradict any of Einstein’s works because he was referring to permanent light velocity (wave propagation of photons). Since every wave contains its own velocity, Einstein was right. I merely contend that a solar constellation is one, rigid electro-magnetic formation and everything that happens in this formation is instantaneously felt at every point of the constellation.

Astrophysics possess the tools to detect and examine this phenomenon, and I believe that the astrophysics community should conduct these studies at once.

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