Chapter 10
Wave Theory and Life

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The following pictures are worth a thousand words:

The essential matter from which our universe is created is energetic matter. It behaves like living matter, creating every known entity, including living objects and even thought (which occurs through energetic matter–wave interaction). The essential structure of energetic matter is high-energy (concentrated energetic matter) electro-magnetic waves (picture above). This simple structure is the basis of everything: every energetic formation and the universe. In picture 2, we see that the DNA (double helix) of all living formations has the same structure as waves: two loops of the same energetic matter, behaving according to the same rules.

In this chapter, I will discuss biological, living beings in terms of chemistry and physics, since basic energetic matter creates everything. The existence of living objects entails many substances. The main components, however, of energetic waves and basic atoms are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. This applies to other atoms, as well. Life is not an accidental event. Where methane, ethane, propane and other similar compounds are present, organic creations can easily be created without further assistance. Carbon atoms are plentiful in all energetic formations, even young galaxies. Hydrogen atoms were one of the first creations, before other atoms, and are widespread in the universe. Where there are two main components such as hydrogen and carbon, chemical compounds, which are the basis of high-energy bonds, can be created.

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