Chapter 6 - Wave Theory and Electricity

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The universe was created by a concentrated energy swirl formation. The movement of energetic matter has already been described in the chapter on photons (see light stream).

In this chapter, I will discuss energetic matter using a more familiar name: electricity. Electricity is the movement of energetic matter via copper wires through rings (strings, paths, waves). Electricity is one way of transferring energetic matter. We do not know how to create energy, but we do know how to utilize it from nature and how to transfer it from place to place (picture below). Theoretically, we can derive energy from everything, as the entire universe is a formation of energetic matter. By further study, we can learn to utilize energy more efficiently. Although this seems simple, it is a very complex issue.

Energetic matter in wires and other formations streams at light speed; greater velocities, however, may occur in forms like vibrations or signals. Energy signals are transferred more rapidly than light. Changing an energy level at one point in an electric system immediately changes energy levels in all formations in its space.

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