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Wave Theory and Photons:
Essential Creation of Energetic Matter

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In this paper, I will attempt to present a nature-oriented approach to understanding the universe. My theory integrates much of the scientific research to date. Moreover, it simply explains what is readily observed, be it through our own encounters with nature or updated pictures from satellites exploring the vast reaches of the universe.

Early in the twentieth century, astronomers observed that new star formations appear in pairs (picture, right).

Pictures obtained by various telescopic observations, such as the illustration to the right, show this clearly.

The two preceding pictures depict the expulsion of formations that appear to be a series of discs that are connected by a stream of gas. These discs are pro-stars. They resemble condensed clouds (waves), which have yet to consolidate and there is a great deal of gas between and all around them. Their inner structure is similar (without internal differentiation). All the discs proceed in a single-file line in which they maintain an equal distance and the same pattern of rotation.

The space between discs are connected by shadowy, undefined gas formations in horizontal positions.

In the picture to the right, we see another kind of star formation: a pair of discs rotating in opposite directions.

These beautiful pictures from nature provided me with the inspiration to reach a solution for which we have searched for many years. Einstein postulated that the laws that govern large objects must also apply to small objects and vice versa. This, then, allows for different energy phases. In different phases, there seem to be some changes to the structure, but in general the laws of energetic matter are the same for all formations. As such, wave theory unifies Planck and Einstein’s ideas, thus fulfilling one of physics’ great dreams.

In fact, all recent observations and research seem to indicate that from the beginning the universe expanded in the form of a wave (picture below).

If viewed from the side, it appears as a rotating and spinning loop:

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