Chapter 8
Wave Theory and Time, Space and Energy

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Albert Einstein introduced the concept of time as the fourth dimension. In this chapter, I want to discuss the connection between time and energy.

The three media — time, space and energy — are waved together. Each has its own properties and behaviours, but one cannot exist without the others. Theoretically, each of them has neither beginning nor end, and they are all one entity. Nevertheless, they are changeable, depending on different phases of energetic matter in which they appear and decay together.

In space, different energy levels appear from time to time. Their activity brings about the appearance of swirls, which cause changes of time and space (phase transitions). The appearance of energetic activity causes the appearance of space, which causes the appearance of time. The “disappearance” of energy also means the disappearance of space and time. In theory, it is possible to say “No energy, no space, no time”, but it is impossible to describe the existence of space and time without energetic activity.

Energetic activity means space and time
In proportion to the increase in energetic activity, space is enlarged and time is prolonged - distended. Because energetic activity occurs in closed spiral rings (swirls, waves, quants), time, as in the other two media, appears in closed rings, which are similar to the energetic matter to which it belongs and depends upon. This means that time, as well as energy, appears as quants.

Wave theory provides a more natural explanation to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, in which he maintains that time curves in the spaces around stars and other massive objects and that at great velocities time is extended.

With greater clarity, wave theory maintains that a high-energy wave has a greater energetic periphery than a smaller wave, that energy rotates in a greater circuit and that time is extended. If energy is added to a defined space, time is also extended. For example, pulsars (neutron stars) lose their peripheral energy, causing them to rotate more rapidly; in other words, time decreases relative to the decrease in the space of energetic matter. Loss of energy means loss of time and space; an increase of energy means larger space and extended time. Thus, time depends on the amount of the energy and the space of a wave.

time =
energy X space
oscillation (frequency)

Because energy appears only in wave formations (swirls), we believe that time appears in the same form, in quants (energetic space), and proceeds together with energetic creation (masses). The phrase “Time is ticking away” in essence means that energy does away with time. Every phase has its time, after which its “genes” of energetic matter transfer to the next phase or to space.

In different energy formations, such as dark matter, communication is other than the velocity of light; Einstein’s wormholes are suitable velocities for such activities. In this phase, time is absolutely universal (Einstein’s postulate). Even when the distance is extremely large, time is slowed down to nearly zero. (See the chapter on the universe for a discussion of dark matter.)

Every energy formation can appear in different ways and different formations can appear in the same way. So, too, time, a creation of energetic matter, can be created in different ways. From this we can conclude that time, like energy, has its beginning (appearance) in every phase and also its decay into the next phase. Finally, absolute energetic space meets absolute time, and they reappear in other creations in all their phases. Together with energetic matter, time carries all its events, like genes.

Every object (wave) has its own time that changes together with its energetic matter, depending on phases. Loss of energy means loss of space, which also means a decrease of time and a transfer to a lower phase. Here the ticking of a new phase begins in a new wave formation, but with “old” energy and “remembered” time and properties. Wave theory concludes that in the highest phase, energetic matter comes in contact with energetic matter from all space and all time.

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