Chapter 8
Wave Theory and Time, Space and Energy
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Energetic matter does not disappear. It transfers, with its time, to other phases, to other formations. Wave theory helps us understand Einstein’s time theory. For example, we know that from a few photons we can extrapolate a view of great stars and their times, compositions and other components.

Every energy level is created by its space and every space is proportional to its energetic activity and time.

space ~ energy and energy ~ space
energetic activity ~ time ~ space

Hence, we see that time in high-energy space is extended, because more energy is available. In a large space we have different energy swirls (waves), consisting of different times. Nature solves this problem ingeniously. In a large wave there are many smaller waves of various sizes. Each has its own space, energy and time, and they do not interfere with one another because the connections between them occur mainly between neighbours of identical phases and by dark matter. Spaces of energetic matter connect waves with their neighbours. There does not appear to be chaos because every wave is connected to and affects net space by its energy path. Energetic matter connects each wave to its neighbouring formations, which belong to greater formations, and so on. Together, they belong to the universe, with its defined space, energy and time.

The best relationships (connections) are obtained by waves at the same phase by signal vibrations of energetic matter. The higher the energy levels, the greater the space relationships. An atom reacts best to the same sort of atoms. Stars react to stars, galaxies to galaxies and universes to universes, but the best relationships are obtained with waves at the same phase. Waves can react to their neighbours’ phases, but the greater the difference between phases, the weaker the link between the formations.

Einstein likens the gravitation of the universe to a net. He also posits the concept of wormholes, which are wave connections between neighbouring phases and formations. Everything that happens in the universe is immediately transferred between waves by different methods. These are not static “ropes,” but sensitive energetic and magnetic paths (forces), influenced by every change in energetic levels. Communication between suitable waves is almost immediate, no matter what size the waves are. This is mainly by way of dark matter.

The universe is one big wave with a defined space that behaves like a wave with energetic properties. Changes in energy levels are transmitted immediately throughout the wave. It behaves according to the same laws of energetic matter that govern the smallest wave.

The peripheries of galaxies are their oldest parts and maintain the greatest velocity, causing them to disperse, to be “annihilated.” They transform into dark, invisible space, and seem to disappear into the dark matter of space and to actually become dark space. At this point, the phase transition to dark energetic matter occurs. Bear in mind that while phase transitions can occur at high or low energy phases by adding or decreasing energy, waves have only one behavioural direction – toward lower energy levels (waves) via a loss of energy, which scatters into space and enlarges energetic dark space. Creation of new waves occurs only in special circumstances.

As energetic matter exists only in swirl formations, dark spaces and their “nets” appear as swirling wave formations, resembling energetic and magnetic formations. When these galaxies lose their peripheral energy, what remains in the periphery are dark loops, which are loosely connected to the galaxy and thus transfer easily to dark space. Magnetic loops contain a huge closed amount of energy called magnetic matter. (Note that magnetic and energetic matter are one and the same; their nature is determined by changing the position of their paths and loops.)

As the peripheries of galaxies have the greatest wave speed and the weakest connection to the rest of the galaxy, they have the greatest opportunity to undergo a phase transition and detach from the inner swirl (wave). The dark phase transition is the highest phase transition; the energetic spaces surrounding the galaxies are kept in contact with other energetic spaces, connecting them to each other and the universe. This is a beautiful example of the gradual escape of energetic matter from its wave (prison).

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