Chapter 8
Wave Theory and Time, Space and Energy
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After the Big Bang, energetic matter, with its inflationary properties, began to escape from its swirling string (hot) formation. Its swirling movement created a closed formation that slowed its expansion. This shining swirl formation maintained the energetic matter, releasing it slowly as dark rings between shining magnetic ones. Escaping energetic matter continued inflating; the universe expanded and lost energy, while new galaxies and other formations simultaneously appeared. The tendency of energetic matter after the Big Bang was to escape and return to its previous space. Young galaxies appear as homogeneous shining energetic formations, whereas old galaxies have a great many dark spaces.

Every shining energetic-magnetic formation has its time and space, which illustrates the relationship between matter and time. These huge formations disperse into smaller formations and eventually into the smallest formations. Quartz oscillations clocks, the most precise timekeepers, are an example of the half-life of radioactive atoms. Every energetic formation has its life cycle. After the Big Bang, energetic matter dispersed from magnetic formations by phase transitions. In every phase, energetic matter cycles down until universal space decays. Every new formation in the universe carries “genes.” Consequently, the behaviour of energetic matter in different universes will be the same in identical phases.

The velocity of the transfer of energy signals by energetic matter is greater than the speed of light. Einstein’s wormholes are high-energy spaces connecting the galaxies’ dark matter. Perhaps the ghost galaxies and “fire” in dark space are, in fact, these high-energy galaxies. Note that dark space energy signals do not travel at light speed. The maximum speed of photons is 300,000 +/- 20,000 km/sec. For higher speeds, signal energy is transferred in forms other than photons.

From our study of structured galaxies, we know that they have rigid formations, indicating that our universe is also a closed rigid formation (wave). Thus, their dark rings also have rigid formations that keep their light rings in their circuits. We know that energetic activity constantly occurs in light rings, so that dark matter is responsible for the rigidity of galaxy waves. Therefore, we posit that the whole universe is primarily composed of one rigid dark matter and that signals transfer immediately, as in one rigid formation. This conforms to Einstein’s absolute time idea.

In nihilization, a well-known phenomenon, energy does not disappear, but rather transfers and begins a new cycle. In this phase, energy maintains all its previous components, including time, from its “genes.” As it begins a new cycle, energetic components from a previous “photon” are transferred to the new formation. “Photons” are composed of energetic components with different properties like “genes.”

Some photon properties appear gene-like, bearing information from photons encountered earlier. This parallels foetal development in the human world, and we can see the times, ways and order of genetic development and the generation of species. A photon is not the simple energy formation we once thought it to be.

The spaces around huge galaxies come in contact with dark matter and neighbouring galaxies, which contain energetic dark matter in their space. By this contact and relationship, the universe is created by a net of energetic and magnetic loop structures. Not enough is known about the behaviour of energy in dark spaces, but contact seems to occur by energetic loops, waves and paths within a short period of time or even immediately. These spaces must behave according to the laws of matter. The laws for large or small waves are the same. Galaxies and other wave formations are rigid, meaning that signals of energetic matter arrive at every point very quickly or even instantaneously; it seems that the same phenomenon occurs in the universe. Waves have several ways of transferring signals (energy). One way is by vibration, which mainly occurs between waves of the same size, time and space. In vast energy waves, time is beyond human comprehension.

Dark spaces maintain proportions between energetic and magnetic matter and between time. Energetic matter concentrated in shining formations escapes to dark rings (space), and from there escapes from the universe to space shared by many other universes. Energetic activity changes time, causing changes in space. Dark spaces are very large due to dark matter’s highly energetic behaviour. Consequently, 90-95% of all space, and time is prolonged to nearly zero (absolute time). Time, space and energy are eternal but changeable; depending on the energetic activity in their phases, they are maintained in constant proportion. These media appear and decay together in every phase. They protect all information, the quanta of energy, space and time.

Information and energy transfer exists at speeds other than that of light (photons). Vibrations and contacts at near instant speeds help preserve the formation of the universe.

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