Chapter 5 - Wave Theory and the Electron

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To understand the electron’s structure and behaviour, let us look at the pictures of the Whirlpool Galaxy, M51 and Stefan’s Quintet (N.G.C. 7137-20) galaxies (pictures below). These pictures help us to imagine the electron’s structure as one possible way of connecting energetic formations. For a greater understanding, see the galaxy drawings below.

Cloud-like formations of energetic matter appear near the point at which the paths join the swirls. At the apex of the magnetic (Schwarzschild, A2) swirl, we see a tightly held cloud of energetic matter flowing toward it from the energetic (Kerr, A1) swirl. This cloud forms when the swirl cannot handle all the energy flowing to it. Energetic matter from the Schwarzschild swirl flows along a magnetic path and creates a more loosely held cloud of energetic matter near the confluence of the Kerr swirl.

Every energetic path is composed of magnetic and energetic rings, but the proportions and behaviour of the rings are different in each path. The energetic cloud is not static. It is a living formation of swirling and vibrating energetic matter. The cloud near the Kerr swirl rotates in a perpendicular direction, as does the magnetic loop. It is part of the magnetic paths and is very loosely connected to both the paths and to the swirl.

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