Chapter 8
Wave Theory and Time, Space and Energy
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To return to the discussion of dark matter and the speed of energy, we see that outer layers of galaxies separate and disappear into space, and that rotational velocity is highest at these outer layers. This means that energetic velocity is also very high, and that time in the periphery is prolonged.

Galaxies are connected to neighbouring galaxies by swirls and dark matter relationships. The speeds of dark matter are greater than the speed of photons. Perhaps the wormholes posited by Einstein are the form of relationships between waves. From new research, we know that an atom rotates with speeds greater than that of light. There are signals that travel 290 times faster than light (photons); the experiments of Einstein, Podolsky and Rozin show that the speed of signals in a light stream is greater than the velocity of light.

In wave theory, we see that photons and atoms have dark and light rings in their loops. Dark space transfers energy signals at a velocity greater than light speed. Photon waves have a maximum velocity of 320,000 km/sec. A photon is a wave-particle, which cannot accelerate beyond this speed on account of its phase.

Dark space is not an empty absolute vacuum. It is invisible matter, as in dark rings and is very rigid. At the periphery of waves, it merges with space; interplanetary space is filled with invisible energetic matter in huge energy formations. Perhaps “ghost” galaxies are composed of this high-energy matter (dark matter barrier).

The rotation of atoms depends on energy from the energetic swirl, which is the core of the atom. These swirl-spaces of energetic activity have speeds greater than visible light (photons). Dark space, apparently, does not allow wave particles to exceed light speed.

Other forms of transferring energy signals may be string-like vibrations (frequencies), appearing in the transit of energetic packages of matter, quanta of energy in paths.

It appears that the quanta of energetic matter expelled from the singularity of a swirl are not exactly the same size, because nature is not a matrix. Nevertheless, they are nearly the same size. Moving energetic packages cause vibrations in the energetic path and its surroundings, which instantaneously have an effect on neighbouring energetic paths. This is one way of transferring energy signals. The vibrating surrounding retaliates to the source, vibrating segments of waves, causing a vibration of all the surroundings at the same time.

Dark matter appears to be a rigid formation; energetic activity in one place transfers energy to all formations. This is one way of transferring high-level energetic matter in space in a minimal amount of time. Optimal communication occurs between objects on the same frequencies. The larger the energetic wave, the shorter the time. The connection between galaxies and universes is shorter than we believe.

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