Chapter 8
Wave Theory and Time, Space and Energy
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The universe is composed of one kind of matter. Its swirling movement creates different kinds of energetic formations. Maintaining this structure requires constant interchange of energy by contact, vibration and other energetic matter relationships. This occurs mainly in dark matter, which is in continuous contact with every structure in its universe. Energetic equilibrium is maintained via this link. Since every structure has both shining and dark rings (wave networks of the two main forces, dark matter), each has energy contacts with dark space (absolute matter, absolute time). Signals can be transferred by vibration throughout the universe; thus, dark matter is the most important formation in the universe. Signals are transferred in extremely condensed time frames, which are irrelevant to the size of the waves in the universe.

Energetic rings (paths) of waves are in continuous contact with all rings in the wave. Therefore, a change at one point in a huge wave causes immediate changes in the entire formation. Signals can be dispersed in every direction at a velocity greater than light speed. For example, in a wave having a diameter of thousands of light years, a signal nonetheless arrives immediately and changes both the relationships in the wave and those with neighbouring waves. This also changes the relationship with other constellations in the universe.
Energetic equilibrium is continuously maintained in space at speeds unknown to us. Time, together with energy and space, is one medium through which equilibrium is maintained.

Time and phase transition
Time plays a significant role in phase transitions. Every formation has an energetic capacity with specific time and period intervals. Phase transition occurs by dint of the continuous loss of wave energy, proceeding from high to low energy activity. Every wave has its own life span, an individual internal timing period, which is dependent on its energetic activity. Wave behaviour flows in one direction, from high to low energy levels, by energy loss. A wave passes through different phase transitions, until it has lost most of its energy. This energy is dispersed throughout the universe, in new formations with new life cycles. In all phases, space, time and energy are in a state of continuous change, but always in constant proportion.

Travel to the past and the future
I will discuss this issue only from the viewpoint of energy.

We obtain images of the past from our minds, as in a movie theatre. These images are preserved in our brains in an unchangeable energetic matrix formation. From a few photons, we can see huge stars and even galaxies. In every photon there exists, by the interchange of energetic matter with other photons, information about all objects and their times. If we can understand all the processes occurring in a photon, we may be able to understand the past of objects from the “snapshots” of their matrix formations in a photon’s energetic matter.

Energetic activity takes place all the time in all objects, and constantly changes their structure. Photons detached from these objects contain all the information about what will happen to the object in the future. Perhaps this information can help us make predictions about living forms of energetic matter.

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