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Mysteries of Life: Riddle #1

[Creation Mysteries]

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This section will attempt to shed some light on some of the more puzzling mysteries of life by applying the principles of Wave Theory.

Lamarck, Darwin, and Wave Theory on the Development of Species

Jean Baptiste Lamarck and Charles Darwin both made immense contributions to our understanding of the development of life. However, their theories are merely part of the most influential development in the history of living organisms: the brain.

The first life forms, organic bonds and organic colonies, were created in a random fashion; however, this could have only transpired in a suitable environment. From the moment what was once the most primitive creature — a mere assemblage of a few organic bonds — took a central role in the regulation of energy and began to assert its control over the colonies of energetic bonds, it essentially dominated all subsequent creations. This formation ultimately developed into what we call the brain.

The thermal vents located on the ocean floor are a wonderful example of the virtual nature of energetic matter. Located at the openings of the vents are highly energetic organs — the brains — that are comprised of primitive bonds. These sorts of bonds preserve and regulate every action involved in the creation of organic bonds and for that matter life. In other words, these bonds ensure the very survival of all living organisms. Gradually, these organisms improved and added a larger, more sophisticated brain (also comprised of virtual energetic matter), which usurped additional roles form other organs. For example, the mammalian brain operates all the particular organs that are needed at any given time, while ensuring that other, non-requisite organs remain passive. Moreover, the brain evaluates the functionality of a particular organ throughout the course of its lifetime, and alters it according to the brain’s analysis of the host’s needs. In fact, such changes are noticeable within a single generation.

I know that I will draw the ire of many established researchers, but Wave Theory contends that life continues to propagate under all conditions that enable organic bonds to maintain their structure. The reason that we have not witnessed the evolution of any entirely new species in recent decades is because extant organisms in the vicinity usually eat the new life forms before they have any chance of developing.

The most ingenious aspect of the creation of energetic matter is that sometimes the same objective can be achieved in multiple ways. That said, the putative “best way” of reaching the target does not always pan out at the end. Random developments that could not have been anticipated ahead of time lead to new genetic phenomena. The brain assiduously weighs all the available options before either accepting or rejecting these changes. Even if the entire process is random, the body obviously does not accept everything that enters its system, as it rejects whatever it deems unnecessary. At times, a change appears in the enzyme or cell that the body is unable to digest, or another disruption occurs in the cycle of life. Under such circumstances, nature destroys the unwanted body in a savage manner: cancer.

Life forms attempt to create additional frameworks for the capture of as much energy as possible in order to adapt to the changes their bodies undergo and thus ensure their survival. For example, I know of white people who lived in Africa for years and returned with darker — not just suntanned — skin. Furthermore, the average Israeli male throughout the 1950s and 1960s was around 1.60 meters tall. We always dreamed of being taller. Today Israelis are reaching average heights of between 1.70 and 1.80. The thoughts in the brain have thus had an impact after only one generation! The brain accomplishes such extraordinary feats by transmitting energetic pulses in the form of motor neurons along an energetic route and the reactions are sent back to the brain via sensory routes. This entire framework operates like a closed electric circuit, which allows for the remarkably efficient regulation of the body by the brain. True, many other explanations may be offered, but it is clear that the brain plays a central role.

For most of its history, the brain was preoccupied by man’s constant struggle to obtain even the slightest amount of food. Moreover, it helped the organism maintain and allocate the energy as efficiently as possible. Over the past century, a new phenomenon has transpired whereby many human beings receive much more energy than they actually need. The brain, which is unaccustomed to such abundance, has trouble adapting to this strange new problem, as it still lack the ability to store excess energy. This has resulted in metabolic diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, and finally cancer, which destroys the host itself.

However, the brain has proven to be a highly resilient organ. Perhaps, we will already bear witness to the brain’s reaction to these new challenges within our lifetime.

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