Chapter 7 - Wave Theory and Magnetism
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This demonstrates the nature of energetic matter. Energy can only be stored by creating a closed wave with a magnetic loop (picture below). Wave theory explains the nature of a closed electric current. Energy flows in an energetic loop (wire), but it must be connected to a magnetic loop that transmits energetic matter from an external generator. To create electricity, we need a closed formation of magnetic and energetic components. The magnetic part transmits energy through its space, which is temporarily enlarged. In a saturated magnetic loop, its properties remain active for some time because its closed circulation slowly releases excess energy.

The preceding picture illustrates the energetic and magnetic relationships of different formations. Magnetic matter surrounds a coil in which energetic matter circulates perpendicular to the energy flow, as in wave formations. This invisible field (force) exists. In a wave formation, the magnetic loop is proportional to the energetic swirl at the moment of its creation. The energetic loop may be changeable, but its magnetic loop remains stable.

Stroking an iron bar with a magnet magnetizes the bar, enlarging its energetic space by adding energetic matter. We transfer energy to the bar, which must accept it and cannot transfer it. It cannot enlarge its waves, and can enlarge its energetic space only temporarily. We can measure the additional energy enlarging the bar’s magnetic field.

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