Schrodinger’s Cats Paradox and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: Two Ideas that Changed the World

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The beginning of the twentieth century marked the golden era of theoretical physics. This summit was obviously achieved as a result of the epic contributions by scientists who dared to break sacred conventions. However, credit must also be given to the editors of scientific journals who similarly had the audacity to publish such unconventional theories. I highly doubt whether today a magazine would publish the groundbreaking papers of Schrodinger and Heisenberg, whose remarkable ideas changed our outlook on the world.

To this very day, the ideas developed by Schrodinger and Heisenberg are difficult to comprehend. My own wave theory is based on the idea that every single quant formation is composed of two, perpendicular energetic swirls (loops): a largely invisible electric loop (dark matter) and a magnetic (shinning) loop that is visible and palpable. In fact, research from all disciplines of the the natural sciences inevitably leads us to this wave formation (see pictures below). It is the logical conclusion of all empirical studies as well as astronomical and biological observations. Although the theory also utilizes mathematical equations, it does not get bogged down in such calculations.

Einstein had deep reservations about his colleagues’ works and sensed that physicists were overlooking some sort of element that would synchronize all the theories into a coherent whole. He felt that theoretical physics had failed to offer an adequate explanation for vast formations, but also admitted that his own research was far from flawless. Wave theory’s basic two loop structure not only proves that Einstein, Planck, Schrodinger and Heisenberg were correct, but provides the missing link — the electric loop (swirl) to the magnetic loop (swirl) — that thus unites all their theories. In other words, all these ideas are compatible with each other. Furthermore, wave theory covers the behavior of both the largest and smallest formations.

I am always awestruck over how these revolutionary scientists reached their conclusions without any empirical backing. Today, there is sound evidence of an inseparable bond between the magnetic and electric components of every natural energetic formation. In effect, both components combine to form one entity (quant) despite the fact that they possess intrinsically different behaviors. Consequently, the wave formation is constantly in a state of both superposition and internal competition. This sophisticated structure essentially unites the ideas of all the above-mentioned physicists. Although this is an observable phenomenon, I too still have great difficulties digesting this baffling relationship.

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Michael Faraday reasoned that space is not empty, but connected by a line of forces.

Charles Augustine de Coulomb discovered that two like-charged entities could either pull or push each other without being connected, depending on their polarity in space.

Hans Chrisitian Oersted found that a charged wire creates magnetic fields that influence the orientation of nearby compass needles (picture below). Furthermore, he discovered that Isaac Newton’s equation of gravitational force also governed electric forces.

Every experiment that has examined “empty” space suggests that it contains mysterious forces that link various entities together. Given the ability of this mediating matter to cause magnetic needles to rotate, we may conclude that it is not static. In fact, it transfers energy via existing paths or creates paths on its own.

As early as 1900, scientists were familiar with Faraday’s experiments and Maxwell’s equations, which confirmed the former’s works. Wave theory attempts to prove that these invisible forces are energetic (electro-magnetic) matter and that they are indeed the building blocks of the entire universe. In other words, energetic matter creates the primary formations that Gell-Mann Murray referred to as quarks (see picture below).

In bubble chamber experiments, particles that are destroyed in collisions leave behind spiral formations. These formations must be quarks, as rudimentary energetic matter cannot exist on its own for long and must join a stable wave formation. All waves are composed of two loops, which provide them with their rigidity.

Objections will undoubtedly be raised over my contention that the universe — and the wave formation — is a VIRTUAL entity. However, when I use the term "virtual," I am not implying that it is a structure that can easily be disposed of or sundered apart! Moreover, all of us are aware of how unpleasant and real the supposedly “virtual” sensation of an electric shock can be.

Our very universe is also a wave formation with two energetic swirls that comprise a stable wave. On account of its two loops, the wave formation takes up its own space (the Pauli Exclusion Principle) and is endowed with its own energetic capacity and direction — it does not randomly turn over. It is both elastic and rigid! Moreover, it contains genes that were formed over the course of its entire existence. Even photons — the simplest formations of energetic matter known to science — provide us with access to the entire history of the universe and many other facts. The wave formation is ostensibly simple, but it will take generations to fully comprehend, as the notion that nothing created everything is beyond our wildest imaginations and contradicts our most basic instincts.

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Astronomical observations have provided us with many examples of this dual structure, such as double galactic and dual star formations (like Galaxy 2207). Moreover, there are photographs of formations in which stars that are connected in a chain-like pattern by gaseous bridges depart from galactic clouds (see pictures below). This duality can also be found in photon streams as well as in biological entities like DNA strands. Nature strives for simplicity. While the double loop (helix) formation is very simple, it is nevertheless extremely sophisticated.

Schrodinger and Heisenberg lacked the invisible energetic loop. However, they overcame this deficiency by virtue of their equations. In a roundabout way, their ideas helped us formulate the concept of an invisible (or missing) energetic presence (the additional loop), which all such formations must contain (see pictures below).

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All wave formations consist of peaks and valleys (see picture below), known as quantum vacuum energy, in which the magnetic swirl constitutes the highpoint. This involves a constant superposition that moves in a popping manner within the loop of the wave formation . Energetic matter behaves in a mercurial fashion, but its range is limited to closed formations along its own path.

Both Schrodinger and Heisenberg came to the conclusion that there must be some invisible (missing) entity that is linked to the visible magnetic formation. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle clearly shows that formations must contain an additional energetic dimension in order to account for the behavior of subatomic particles. Wave theory explains how the invisible loop connects to and compliments the visible quantifiable loop by forming a tunnel, as seen in the primary formation of photon streams and DNA (picture below).

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This same hunch led to Schrodinger’s declaration of superposition, which he explained using his famous Cats Paradox. Oerstad (the magnetic needle) and Faraday's experiments also provide firm evidence that every energetic behavior is the product of dual formations. I have devised the following equations in order to prove this hypothesis:

a. The Equation of Everything

b. Phase Transition Equations

1. High Phase Transition:
= 1
The superposition of energetic matter
  Energetic matter = 1

2. Wave-Particle Phase Transition:
"Everything Equation"

3. Lower Phase Transition:
E (x)

Wave theory similarly proves that the “entanglement phenomenon” is viable. In other words, it displays how “non-local” (distant) subatomic particles with identical proportions and properties can instantly cooperate and communicate, regardless of the distance between them (see picture and my article on Dark Matter, which explains that the universe functions according to a hierarchy of wave formations). That said, all universes respond to universes, galaxies react to other galaxies, and stars to stars within the same galactic wave. Similarly, planets only interact with other planets within their solar constellation (wave) and moons to other moons within the same planetary wave. Moreover, atoms only communicate with atoms within the same wave constellation. Consequently, energetic matter must belong to the same, all-encompassing wave formation (the universe) in which all formations immediately react to any changes that occur to any particles of the same variety (size, space, and energy).

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Dark matter (also referred to as an invisible loop or dark energy) facilitates the transmission of information between magnetic loops. Communication is most efficient when it involves similar energetic formations, as seen in photons. This also appears to occur in strands of DNA in which energy simultaneously flows back and forth (see pictures below). For a more detailed explanation of this phenomenon, please see the article Backward Time.

In retrospect, it is incredible how physicists relied on these ideas for years without an explanation for the actual phenomenon (for a step by step discussion, please read wave theory in its entirety). However, the more I progress, the more I realize the seemingly insurmountable hurdle that we muss pass before truly comprehending energetic matter’s ingenuous behavior. Furthermore, I take my hat off to Schrodinger and Heisenberg who somehow managed to overcome the scant evidence and postulated equations that complete the picture.

These ideas that were introduced by the 20th century’s preeminent scientists — Maxwell, Einstein, Planck, Born, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, De Broigle, and others — are the springboard and focal point of 21st century physics. Wave theory — the simple, logical process of uniting electric and magnetic behaviors as a superposition of identical matter (energetic matter) — is the X-factor that all these outstanding physicists laboriously searched for and will catapult physics onto the next level.

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Dr. Chaim Tejman, Copyright© 2003. All rights reserved.