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Wave Theory and Gender: Why Sex?
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“Organic formations” are capable of storing energetic matter. This ability empowers these formation with independence within their surrounding area. This is especially pronounced in highly energetic liquids, whose bonds subsequently form links that result in more sophisticated formations. As aforementioned, every stable wave consists of both a magnetic and an electronic loop, but in highly-energetic formations the loops are located at a greater distance from each other. This quality facilitates the exchange of loops between waves.

Furthermore, wave formations can congregate into a chain of waves: for example, photons in a light stream resemble strands of DNA (formations), which enable energy to beexchanged between photons' loops and chains of DNA (picture, right).

Living formations have fully utilized this potential. Highly-energetic formations exchange loops in an efficient matter that facilitates the utilization and transfer of energy throughout the structure. Additionally, this provides formations with a greater degree of independence. DNA is a more advanced form of this paradigm, but it is governed by the same rules and basic behavioral patterns that apply to all forms of energetic matter.

As such, men and women are essentially types of magnetic and electric loops, and the human reproductive process is essentially the completion of a finite wave formation. This corroboration is a typical display of nature’s laws according to which the most coordinated formations have the best chance for survival. The fact that the loops can exist at both a close proximity and at a distance is what enables life to exist. Consequently, the two-loop formation is the fundamental and most vital relationship in our universe.

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