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Astronomy: Dark Matter — Part I
(Invisible Matter, Cold Matter, Expanding Matter or Pushing Matter)
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[Part II][Proof of Wave Theory][NGC 2207 and IC 2163 Galaxies]

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It was Planck and Einstein’s dream to formulate a theory that explains the creation and behavior of small and huge formations alike. Their seemingly contradictive ideas are both correct, but they were unable to correlate their ideas. Years later, wave theory has fulfilled their coveted dream.

Our universe is and must be a wave formation — a two-loop swirl. Other forms of energetic matter are unstable! Dark space and galaxies with visible arms (which are stretched to an unknown location, as if to “nowhere”) are essentially the same material. The stretched arms that extend beyond the galaxy are communicating with dark matter (loops) or with the distant complimentary loop of galactic swirls.

Everything in the universe is thus inter-connected. This provides it with its stability (rigid structure). Energetic matter is simultaneously rigid and flexible, and it is this duality that endows it with its utility and beauty. We can only understand this behavior by delving into the structure of the wave formation (see my book >United Nature Theory-Grand Unified Theory).

The strongest links in the universe exist within the same phase and among neighboring phase-transition formations, while distant phases (transitions) share weaker links. However, this ingeniously provides the distant formations with a greater degree of freedom. Dark matter and its networks are the forces that keep the entire universe intact as one, complete rigid wave formation. The entire universe operates according to a sort of hierarchy in which proximity plays a key role, and the highest energetic formation controls the lower formations. Communication between the formations is carried out by means of energetic paths. Formations that fail to adapt to this framework are liable to face extinction (picture, right).

As such, dark energetic matter is a rigid entity that is responsible for the structure of the universe. A distant view of the entire universe would perhaps reveal that it is a natural entity that resembles the swollen disc-like structure of living cell-like formations since everything is in motion. Moreover, we would see that the universe possesses a highly energetic center and that this huge source of energy is constantly active that powers our universe’s loop. As is the case with every other wave formation, there must be a loop formation that compliments our universe. Furthermore, it must be structured as an alpha formation in order to ensure the most stable behavior. In other words, an entire universe (wave) must exist that corresponds to our own (pictures below).

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This wave formation (see wave theory) is present in all phase transitions. All these formations propagate from higher to lower phases via the loss of energy into space. Consequently, the wave’s magnetic properties are enhanced relative to the properties of its energetic (electric) loop. Nevertheless, the magnetic portion also losses energy, but in different ways (one such route is the explosion of a supernova).

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