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Schrodinger’s Cats Paradox and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: Two Ideas that Changed the World
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Michael Faraday reasoned that space is not empty, but connected by a line of forces.

Charles Augustine de Coulomb discovered that two like-charged entities could either pull or push each other without being connected, depending on their polarity in space.

Hans Chrisitian Oersted found that a charged wire creates magnetic fields that influence the orientation of nearby compass needles (picture below). Furthermore, he discovered that Isaac Newton’s equation of gravitational force also governed electric forces.

Every experiment that has examined “empty” space suggests that it contains mysterious forces that link various entities together. Given the ability of this mediating matter to cause magnetic needles to rotate, we may conclude that it is not static. In fact, it transfers energy via existing paths or creates paths on its own.

As early as 1900, scientists were familiar with Faraday’s experiments and Maxwell’s equations, which confirmed the former’s works. Wave theory attempts to prove that these invisible forces are energetic (electro-magnetic) matter and that they are indeed the building blocks of the entire universe. In other words, energetic matter creates the primary formations that Gell-Mann Murray referred to as quarks (see picture below).

In bubble chamber experiments, particles that are destroyed in collisions leave behind spiral formations. These formations must be quarks, as rudimentary energetic matter cannot exist on its own for long and must join a stable wave formation. All waves are composed of two loops, which provide them with their rigidity.

Objections will undoubtedly be raised over my contention that the universe — and the wave formation — is a VIRTUAL entity. However, when I use the term "virtual," I am not implying that it is a structure that can easily be disposed of or sundered apart! Moreover, all of us are aware of how unpleasant and real the supposedly “virtual” sensation of an electric shock can be.

Our very universe is also a wave formation with two energetic swirls that comprise a stable wave. On account of its two loops, the wave formation takes up its own space (the Pauli Exclusion Principle) and is endowed with its own energetic capacity and direction — it does not randomly turn over. It is both elastic and rigid! Moreover, it contains genes that were formed over the course of its entire existence. Even photons — the simplest formations of energetic matter known to science — provide us with access to the entire history of the universe and many other facts. The wave formation is ostensibly simple, but it will take generations to fully comprehend, as the notion that nothing created everything is beyond our wildest imaginations and contradicts our most basic instincts.

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