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Schrodinger’s Cats Paradox and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: Two Ideas that Changed the World
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This same hunch led to Schrodinger’s declaration of superposition, which he explained using his famous Cats Paradox. Oerstad (the magnetic needle) and Faraday's experiments also provide firm evidence that every energetic behavior is the product of dual formations. I have devised the following equations in order to prove this hypothesis:

a. The Equation of Everything

b. Phase Transition Equations

1. High Phase Transition:
= 1
The superposition of energetic matter
  Energetic matter = 1

2. Wave-Particle Phase Transition:
"Everything Equation"

3. Lower Phase Transition:
E (x)

Wave theory similarly proves that the “entanglement phenomenon” is viable. In other words, it displays how “non-local” (distant) subatomic particles with identical proportions and properties can instantly cooperate and communicate, regardless of the distance between them (see picture and my article on Dark Matter, which explains that the universe functions according to a hierarchy of wave formations). That said, all universes respond to universes, galaxies react to other galaxies, and stars to stars within the same galactic wave. Similarly, planets only interact with other planets within their solar constellation (wave) and moons to other moons within the same planetary wave. Moreover, atoms only communicate with atoms within the same wave constellation. Consequently, energetic matter must belong to the same, all-encompassing wave formation (the universe) in which all formations immediately react to any changes that occur to any particles of the same variety (size, space, and energy).

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