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Schrodinger’s Cats Paradox and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: Two Ideas that Changed the World
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All wave formations consist of peaks and valleys (see picture below), known as quantum vacuum energy, in which the magnetic swirl constitutes the highpoint. This involves a constant superposition that moves in a popping manner within the loop of the wave formation. Energetic matter behaves in a mercurial fashion, but its range is limited to closed formations along its own path.

Both Schrodinger and Heisenberg came to the conclusion that there must be some invisible (missing) entity that is linked to the visible magnetic formation. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle clearly shows that formations must contain an additional energetic dimension in order to account for the behavior of subatomic particles. Wave theory explains how the invisible loop connects to and compliments the visible quantifiable loop by forming a tunnel, as seen in the primary formation of photon streams and DNA (picture below).

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