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Asexual Reproduction

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Several of my critics contend that the fact that there are so many forms of asexual reproduction proves that only one swirl (or “loop”) is enough to support the creation of life. In other words, females can maintain the universe on their own. I, indeed, agree that both swirls are essentially different forms of the same energetic matter. Nevertheless, I continue to claim that every stable creation (quant) of energetic matter must possess two swirls and their attendant behaviors in order to circulate their energetic matter.

Everything in the universe is the product of one, single form of energetic matter, which by dint of its revolving and rotating movement forms a complete circle by means of an energetic and a magnetic swirl that are connected by an energetic path. As seen in the adjacent illustration, the condensed female-oriented, magnetic loop attempts to preserve the structural integrity of the entire wave formation, while the male-oriented, magnetic swirl has a propensity for dispersing energy. Nevertheless, both swirls are comprised of the same basic energetic matter and one form can be transferred from one swirl to the next. In fact, even separate loops can possess properties from the other swirl, similar to an electric circuit Moreover, they are always in a state of superposition; namely, both components remarkably exist within the same formation or body.

Energetic matter is a living, mercurial entity. Since every form of energetic matter moves in a free and unique manner, no two formations are identical (see illustrations below):

However, notwithstanding the vast diversity throughout our universe, all formations adhere to the same rules of behavior. In certain phase transitions, one swirl/property may be far greater than the other, but both must be present to some extent. This idea is beyond the wildest reaches of our imagination, including my own. Therefore, at this point, I am merely attempting to introduce isolated pictures that will hopefully enhance our understanding. For example, even more complex entities — such as our thoughts — are also comprised of two loops (or lobes).

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