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Sexual Reproduction
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All the above-mentioned processes that are carried out by organic formations also transpire in space. Recognizing the similarities between these phenomena can improve our knowledge of nature. To follow are several examples:

1. Galactic Gallery

2. Magnetic stars, such as supernovas, as seen in the following pictures and their corresponding illustrations:





These steps thus constitute the various stages of the life cycle, which are pursued by the vast majority of entities in the universe. Nevertheless, as we have seen in previous articles (such as cancer) there are exceptions. Despite the generally obedient and orderly manner of reproduction, and despite its firm and unassailable laws, nature paradoxically creates mavericks that exploit their energy in order to break away from their source. Furthermore, these formations contain organic bonds that are capable of engendering energetic formations that are beyond our wildest imaginations. We are only privy to this remarkable information thanks to NASA’s skillful espionage work — attained with the help of its powerful telescopes and cameras. These pictures have afforded us unprecedented access to fascinating phenomena that illuminate many of the most fundamental characteristics of our universe, and leave us in awe.

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