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Gravitational Waves

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May 20, 2005. Wave formation adheres to a specific set of rules, so that it always behaves in a consistent manner. However, its form is so strange that it requires a considerable amount of common sense to comprehend. Its peculiarity is largely due to its spontaneous motion, which is responsible for the unique form of each particular wave formation. This diversity is analogous to the fact that no two people are completely identical and no two minds think the same, but each contains its own, individual energetic patterns.

In my first book, United Nature Theory (2001), I described the theoretical behavior of energetic matter, which is comprised of two loops, one energetic and the second magnetic. The following pictures from nature confirm my hypothesis.

Electric-Enegetic Semi-Loop
Magnetic-Gravitational Semi-Loop


Please note the electric (force) superposition radiating outwards.


A wave formation comprised of two swirls — one energetic and one magnetic — that are connected by an energetic path


The previous photograph depicts Stephan's Quintet, NGC 7317-20, is similar to yet another formation: the hydrogen atom (in accordance with Einstein's ingenious idea that the structure of the atom is also aligned in the form of a gravitational wave formation).


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