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The Force of Gravity — a Pulling and Pushing Force!!!
A unique and ingenious formation, which is so sophisticated that only nature could have possibly created it.

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May 20, 2005. The fantastic phenomenon of gravity, which simultaneously acts as both a pulling and pushing force, like Schrödinger's cats, can only exist in nature. Only energetic matter, by dint of its unidirectional movement and peculiar revolving and rotational motion, creates the wave formation. The wave formation is formed by two energetic semi-loops, one of which one has pushing properties, and the other has magnetic (gravitational), pulling properties. Both the semi-loops operate simultaneously. These characteristics constitute the behavior of energetic matter and are I essence the secret behind the composition of the universe. Similar to Darwin's work — and other important ideas of researchers like Sage, Newton, Planck, Einstein, de Broglie, Schrodinger, and Heisenberg as well as the remarkable pictures from space presented herein introduce us to the modern physics of the twenty-first century — Wave Theory is merely a description of natural phenomenon.

The movement of energetic matter along their path

The Behavior of Energetic Matter
Energetic matter along a path is always in a state of superposition due to its change of direction in space.


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