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The Movement and Propagation of Energetic Matter

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May 27, 2005. Energetic Matter creates the wave formation by dint of its peculiar, unidirectional revolving and rotating movement. This formation is comprised of two semi-loops: an electric loop with pushing properties and a magnetic loop with pulling properties. These two components function simultaneously and in tandem, and nature explicates this phenomenon in a most beautiful manner.

There are pictures that are worth a thousand words and there are pictures that are worth the entire world. To follow, I will present a series of immensely valuable photos of natural phenomena. However, an in depth understanding of the principles of Wave Theory is required to truly comprehend these pictures.

The magnetic (gravitational) component of a hurricane's wave formation, with protruding arms.


Part of a swirl along an energetic path

The angle of the first picture offers a view of the perpendicular movement of energetic paths that are situated within the hurricane's arms (the superposition of energetic matter, whose forward and spinning movement is reminiscent of the propeller of a plane).

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