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The Speed of Light
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Calculations and astronomic observations indicate that the distance between energetic formations is constantly expanding, but we have also observed the appearance of new galaxies (in the form of a wave composed of two loops) that were not formed by dint of a collision between other galaxies. (Picture 9) Consequently, the universe resembles vibrant formations and will continue to expand until the energetic matter returns to its previous space.

Picture 9

Nonetheless, there is no empty space, per se, in the infinite universe. The matter and energy from the old universe will appear as new formations and perhaps as new universes.

Einstein’s theory of relativity established that a rocket that has more energy (speed) can travel a greater distance in a given period of time than one with less energetic capacity. Similarly, larger waves that contain more energy are thus also capable of traveling greater distances over a given period of time. In waves, however, signals are transmitted instantly at the same velocity regardless of their size, even if they reach epic proportions. Without the maintenance of these identical speeds the waves would disintegrate (Picture 10).

Picture 10

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