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The Speed of Light
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In my work on the speed of photons, I point out that (in addition to the Doppler phenomenon) photons lose energy as does every other energetic formation. During this process, the photons turn red. Due to the loss of energy, wave theory purports that nothing is permanent in nature; everything is subject to change, which can occur in various ways. Photons also disintegrate, albeit at a slow rate due to its ideal balance between energetic and magnetic forces.

John Webb, Victor Flambaum, Michael Murphy et al, of the University of New South Wales discovered the deviant of the alpha constant. This discovery is valid, but does not necessarily refute Einstein’s ideas. According to wave theory, light streams have various energetic photons, and the maintenance of links with other photons within the stream require continuous energetic activities. Photons constantly give and take energy to and from other photons, but the stream itself, which contains all these photons, sustains its average energetic level. While these formations behave in a similar fashion and bare a resemblance, they are not the product of a matrix. Every photon and wave has its own unique character.

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The universe cannot propagate according to some mathematical constant, as it is an ever-changing formation. Furthermore, all waves are composed of smaller components with different energetic properties and patterns of behavior. Consequently, they have their own energetic properties. In every energetic formation, energetic matter circulates in an energetic path (quarks) in the form of a vibrating package, which transmits and receives energetic signals. There can be no constant. Nonetheless, the average propagation rate of energetic matter is more or less similar to some constants over time. since this is all part of one great wave that we refer to as the universe, all matter is in contact with other formations, and transfers energy with its neighbors as in any other stream. Our incredible universe instantly transmits the occurrence of every change in its energetic formations to the entire universe by an array of bilateral energetic properties. This is accomplished through rigid energetic matter, which is known as dark matter.

At this stage, I want to explain the phenomena of polarity, which was incorporated as a constant. The wave is made up of two loops: one energetic loop and the second magnetic. However, the two loops are part of one continuous energetic stream (see wave theory for a step-by-step description) in which the energetic loop is in a horizontal position and the magnetic loop is vertical. Changes in the flow of energetic matter in one stream affect the behavior of the polarity of both loops (picture 6, above). Like computers, the stream of the energetic loop is referred to as + while the magnetic loop is denoted as 0 (-). The flow of energetic matter in all formations always transpires in the form of energetic activity and is thus constantly exposed to change. This marvelous behavior is still difficult to comprehend, but nature and all experiments, including quantum mechanics, provide clear examples of this. Light streams are composed of billions of photons, and each one (like living organisms) has its own unique behavior patterns.

Nevertheless, the average results are similar because in light streams energy flows to all directions, and the photons are interchangeable. In every phase, these energetic formations behave in the same manner , but their structure depends on the energetic loop (phase) in which the amount of energetic matter that circles around the wave formation varies in every phase.

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