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The Speed of Light
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Wave theory is a natural theory, but it integrates most of the laws of quantum mechanics as well as Einstein’s sophisticated ideas. In contrast to other theories, wave theory is open to change and can consequently be adapted in a logical manner to conform with important breakthroughs. Two loops in one wave is the building block of nature! Everything works in accordane with this principle (Picture 13).

Picture 13

With this in mind, the following simple yet utile equation warrants our consideration:

E/M = Phase

E = energetic matter (loop) M = magnetic matter.

Wave theory is only the beginning of a new approach to understanding the universe. This decade has provided a bountiful harvest of breakthroughs in the field of physics. Webb, Flaumbaum, and Murphy’s observation has come along at just the right moment as it affirms the legitimacy of wave theory. Correspondingly, wave theory explains their discovery.

Einstein based his theory on the constant of light streams on the average number of photons in a light stream. This concept was appropriate for his particular era. Wave theory, however, expands on this idea -- just as Einstein provided a continuation to Newton’s theory without detracting from it significance. Wave theory, which like Darwin’s theory is based primarily on the natural sciences, shows that everything is subject to change.

These and other breakthroughs (most notably Max Planck and other works on quantum mechanics) herald a new era, which is rooted on the foundations of the ingenuous theories of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Wave theory attempts to tie the vast array of ideas together by explaining wave formation and energetic matter -- in essence everything -- as the product of two loops in one wave. This eclectic approach fuses, and leans on, the past in order to push us onto the next level.


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