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Tejman Chaim, Henry Dr.






In 2001 I published my first book United nature theory, concluding fifty years of work, these retrospective led me to the conclusion that the basic structure of everything is quantum- {Max Planck}-photon {Albert Einstein} a wave formation, composed by two semi-loops and connected by energetic path. One semi-loop has energetic properties and the second has magnetic properties. {wave particle} this resembles the first famous experiment of Faraday. Picture 1. Faraday's experiment In 1927, Georges Lemaitre published his Big bang theory describing the universe creation by explosion of …?  that evoked serious discussions in all social circles. This idea was brilliant for the religious community and also for scientist because different observations provided evidence that our “recent” universe started from’one place’ {point} and expanded. This theory relied on existing hints derived from Einstein’s General relativity theory.  According to the wave theory, Lemaitre, with his idea, was correct because everything has beginning {created} and has its end through decay and all researches clearly show that the universe disperses. If this is the case, what happens next? What  is infinitive and eternal universe? The question is, what was before the big bang and what will happen after the universe disperses totally?? Then what is eternal? Nothing? Is it void? Does this notion can exist in nature?  And how nothing creates infinite universe without infinite borders? We are still to far from understanding the universe creation and behavior but nature gives some clues by Casimir experiments and by the important Lamarck’s  and Darwin’s evolution theories that give the clues for infinite and eternal universe . The universe disperses by decay of old formations ,and by creation of new matter formation which also slows the universe dispersion { E.Hubbel and A.Einstains constants }. Wave theory claims that every new quant formation by different phase is not eternal and by different transitions behaves like his big bang prime quant {wave formation} which by evolution{Lamarck .Darwin} decay, but before that new life formations are created and that is continuous by life cycles evolution providing eternal universe . In addition to, this universe and every quant, which by different phase transitions disperses old formations which decay and new ones are born ,that means that new universe is born in the old Universe like every other formations that is explanation also for infinite and eternal universe. The conclusion is that living formations are born in  old formations and every quant like life formation behaves only in the same way as eternal big quant formation, this means that the universe also behaves as a living formation.

That means that our Universe is mercurial, continuum, moving living Eternal formation. Which by evolution start  its eternal existence Only “living” creation can form life formations, Which are copies of the main masterpiece.  According to the United nature theory- wave theory void does not exist in nature. Evolution provides new formation in the old one which gradually decays. This means that G.Lemaitre was correct with the Big bang theory describing  how the new Universe was created. It is also evident from different observations that the world disperses but the world can not be out of nowhere and can not disperse to nothing. And new universe appears inside the old universe or on its remnant.

That gives a continiuos eternal life to the universe. (like all living formations) that are also natural universal life cycles. What was the earlier media is still an open question.




 Picture 2a.                                              picture 2b. Life cycles

In an open universe appears, space time curvature, that creates huge black hole which maybe one type of the universe creation and by quant formation create magnetic semi loop which provides shrinking to this second semi loop formations.  This shrinking  universe semi loop with time creates condensed formation which explode and give lemaitre universe. And universes creations roles intermittently from one semi loop to the second. Wave theory claims that “empty space’ does not exist in nature. In order to define space we must define borders or energetic activity in some “space”. This means that in nature some media must exist which by energetic activity creates energetic space and when they appear then time appears, that those three media are woven always together creating energetic matter . That means that some sophisticated eternal media must exist, like Schrödinger Cats must also be in super position from a continues existence. From Casimir experiment we know of the force from nothing which can appears in different energetic levels. In levels with its own trajectories (like Einstein’s idea. )vacuum , different energetic levels will always exist which create vacuum motion -swirling motion, of this eternal media. This sophisticated and eternal media is around us in every space, and is the fabric of Casimir force which creates Einstein space time curvature and maybe that is the hidden matter also for exsistent of formations like stars planets etc. ,  Maybe these swirling forces create Einstein’s energetic space time curvatures.Those swirling energetic space time curvature is an active force. forward moving force.  By their revolving  rotation FORWARD PUSHING MOTION created condensed  space formations like nebula, quasar . black hole and condensed Other energetic matter formations.






Picture 3: gravitational wave formation        picture 4: explanation of                                                                                 gravitational wave formation.    

Classical gravitational wave formation. The most elaborated formation is the black hole in which most condensed space –singularity expels condensed energetic matter in the form of quantum –wave formation.





Nature theory clearly shows in the arms of galaxy M-51 how this swirling motion looks like space time curvature.  





                                     Picture 5. galaxy m-51

That means that Einstein’s “curvature of space caused by  a massive object” is explained by wave theory that this condensed formation is a consequence of pushing energetic space activity and not pulling the space. Casimir force that the scientific community accepts as a force from nothing. is this  force of half photon. That is according to wave theory only energetic semi loop which starts creating wave formation .This is the main force media that begin creating wave formation. Quant (of everything and is eternal) and maybe that is the initial force for everything.  This is a forward moving pushing force by which every formation created like energetic space time curvature can be only pushing force  meaning that all energetic formations are ruled only by this pushing force ,in other words ,all stable energetic formations including black holes is created by pushing activity force of the energetic space time curvatures and gravitational waves (quant) expelled from black holes singularity which also has only this pushing forward, this one force  meaning that gravitation is a pushing force.I would like to stress that this idea was brought up by Georges-Louis Lesage (1724 - 1803) a Swiss physician and physicist and this idea was entusiasticly accepted by Newton who called the gravitation a force. But with lack of evidence Newton did not continue to develop this idea. Einstein intuitively by his rocket example demonstrated that for change to occur its gravitation to every direction must add force. Invariably there must be an added force. THIS ONE energetic force consequence of Casimir force from nothing media creates one pushing force and this force is energetic space time curvature, which is created by its pushing force condensed space formations.Gravitation force  is the only one forward pushing, these pulling properties of this force are created by its ingenious quant wave formation and the gravitational –magnetic semi loops which is composed only by  pushing force which pushes everything inside this magnetic semi loops which invade to her waves border. (see my paper gravitation).

Only the ingeniously Hubble  telescope pictures explain this sophisticated quant {gravitational wave} behavior  without those beautiful pictures from with out this solar prominences it would have been  impossible to explain gravitational wave force. Only nature can explain this ingenious creation.

It  was hard to understand the gravitational  wave behavior because one is not similar to other. The wild behavior of identical matrix formations when one is not exactly as the second.

We must get used to space laboratory like  conventional laboratories. They are very expensive but CERN collider is also not cheap.

the summary of my idea:  This one pushing swirling revolving rotation Casimir force, create by space time curvatures the condensed energetic matter formations which create quant{gravitational wave} that creates everything.







Picture 6.                                                     picture 7.

Solar prominence. See explanation and article “Gravitation” by Dr. Tejman.

 example is the black hole which in its maximum condensed point (singularity) expels this condensed space time energy (I called this energetic matter) that is expelled in quant equaled portions like black body radiation of Max Planck. Nature, by its similar quant simple mode of creations, creates different objects in the same "simple" way. That looks very simple, but this quant (wave formation) is the most sophisticated, ingenious creation.

This ingenuity of nature