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Doppler phenomenon

Theory of everything (Wave Theory)

Tejman Chaim , Dr.


Only wave theory can explain Doppler phenomenon and Doppler phenomenon  verifies wave theory.

Doppler phenomenon is called after Christian Andreas Doppler and the Austrian mathematician who discovered this phenomenon, that the frequency of sound waves is higher when vehicles approach and lower when the vehicle moves away.

Picture 1.




Only wave theory can explain this phenomenon which claims that every wave, acoustic, light etc. are composed of two semi- loops.

Galaxy 51      Stefan's Quintet (N.G.C. 7317-20)   



Those two semi loops (vortices) are very rigid formations, (Pauli exceptional principal) but they are connected by energetic path.


Picture 3


which explain this phenomenon. The paths can constrict and dilate as these pictures illustrate, meaning how nature acts


Pict. 4


This same phenomenon occurs for light as it does for sound waves and other forms of waves.


Pict. 5.  spectrum of light waves moving

Those pictures fully clarifies Doppler's phenomenon, further explanation is not needed.


Summary: Only wave theory and two semi - loops formation can explain this phenomenon and Doppler phenomenon explains wave theory