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Grand unified Theory Wave theory
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Fundamental forces-quantum creation

United nature theory – Grand Unified Theory

 Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry


In hyper spaces only one space time curvature exist (Einstein) which by its condensation and swirling and rotation creates condensed matter formation.




This condensed space (energetic matter) creates black hole that in its singularity ejects energetic path which by its revolving and rotation movement create wave formation (one quant).


Solar prominence (wave formation) by NASA


Galaxy M-51 NASA

NGC-2207&IC2163 galaxies

Feynman’s “the sum over  paths method”



Wave formation (quant) - basic atom structure, description is given in the chapter atom structure. In this gravitational wave we clearly see four sub atomic formations that every one of them is a fundamental force.


One quant wave formations


Large wave formations (quant) and the smallest quant (Einstein) have the same properties, meaning four forces.

I try to explain those forces in quant formation in photon (phase transition).

  1. From energetic source, resembling Kerr swirls (upper left picture), which was created by space time curvature depart energetic pathway (trajectory) which by rotation and revolving motion turn to its energetic source  do that by its peculiar motion (Schrödinger’s superposition) only by creating two semi loops 720 degrees. This energetic force is the strong force and keeps all wave formations and has pushing and pulling properties.
  2. The paths from the source to the positron are electric force.
  3. By continues motion swirls are created (like Schwarzschild’s swirl) which has condensed gravity shrinking behavior which is referred to as weak force. However it is a very strong force, but it acts only in small areas. From this swirl a continuous departure of paths with magnetic properties and cloud formation of its end electron which closes quant circle and retrieves this energy to its energetic source for continuous circulation. This is a sophisticated formation created by nature that created the universe and all formations in it.


More ingenious formations of wave closed formation quant can not be existed!




When we split gravitational wave we separate the two semi loops which are two quarks (+-) that immediately create wave formation for continuous one energetic matter flow.




The basic formation of energetic matter is quantum - a creation that includes all embedded fundamental forces.




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