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Hurricane: how to prevent

Untapped Energy Source

Dr .Chaim H. Tejman

Wave Theory ("United Nature Theory" - Library of congress: TX 5-572-750 , ISBN: 978965-555-093-1), which purports to understand the behavior of nature and solve or prevent the problems of energetic matter dynamics, also provides theoretical solutions to coping and even benefiting from hurricane[, tornadoes vortices, ninja, tropical storms,volcano,earthquake and other assorted natural disasters.

This theory follows the work of Albert Einstein and mainly relies on the equation E=MC2 or equivalently.
In this formulation I conclude that the universe is made of a substance with energetic properties, I chose to name it energetic matter. The energetic matter appears mainly in the formation of waves, whereas each wave consists of two semi loops (vortices). One vortex condenses energetic matter, and the other vortex maintains the energetic matter which decays with time into space (life cycle of energetic matter).

Our earth is in a vortex phase of dismissing energy back to space and we are unable to prevent this natural process [natural disasters like hurricane, volcano etc.]. At this point we are only able to foresee it, monitor it and use it in our benefit [mainly hurricane and volcano]... The earth is in a delicate energetic equilibrium by both releasing energy to space and absorbing solar energy from the sun. For centuries this balance has been kept by energy reservoirs kept in soil, forest trees, oil and coal. In the past century this tendency was reversed and natural forests were diminished, in addition to that the energy stored in oil and coal was released to space [cause of hurricane ]..

From observation we see that during hurricane, trees are not toppled over in the same direction, as would be expected, but fall in the opposite direction of their neighboring tree (picture below).

This indicates that an electrical charge is involved, and that hurricane is essentially energetic storms. This energetic discharge of earth is more powerful than any other phenomena and it is in our best interest to learn how to cultivate these powers and harness them to our own needs. Due to the fact that Wave Theory deals with energetic matter, it stands to reason that it explains the phenomenon of hurricane as well. Since we already understand the fundamental hurricane properties of energetic elements, we can thus start searching for ways to prevent with these afflictions.

A hurricane wave (Coriolis force - Condensed energetic matter) contains a phenomenal amount of energy, which accumulates over time and is released as an independent wave. In fact, one hurricane contains more energy than millions of barrels of oil

The following image displays the wave behavior of energetic matter within a hurricane:

(The Nebula is based on photos taken by a telescope, and the Hurricane is based on the same rules)

(Hurricane Katrina – hurricane waves)

This is a simple yet intricate phenomenon. For a better understanding, you are cordially invited to read a more detailed account in the second volume of my book: "thoughts about wave theory - hurricane behavior".

Hurricane is but one example of ways in which Wave Theory can be applied to reach practical solutions the international community must direct resource for the utilization of this vast energetic hurricane, volcano and earthquake source.

A true solution should consist of three parts, returning the balance by minimizing the greenhouse effect, minimizing the use of earth resources and energy reserves, and developing methods to control these erratic energetic eruptions (hurricane and so on). All three tasks will be accomplished by the harnessing the energy of hurricane and earthquake- disasters of energetic eruptions for everyday applications.

The solutions should be based on converting the ''disordered'' energy into ''ordered'' energy, similar to the many attempts already made to harness sea currents as an infinite energy source (focusing a plane sea wave into a small area). Monitoring these phenomena should enable its diminishing or prevention [hurricane] while it is in early stages of formation.

I believe that a combination of wave theory and engineering expertise can be mobilized to find a way in which to utilize this massive amount of available energy for human needs and prevent a terrible disaster and with international effort exploit the hurricane as a source of E.M. power. In fact, I optimistically believe that this can be accomplished within a very short period of time.

An academic think tank should be formed guided by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in a focused attempt to review the knowledge and achievements in ocean energy harnessing and implement them in the similar vortices based disasters for a controlled release of energy.



Hurricane is a natural energetic matter force which releases the earth energetic matter to space and Wave Theory explain how to prevent this hurricane disaster.

Copyright Dr. Chaim Tejman, 2005