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Gravitational Wave

Wave Theory Dr. Chaim Henry Tejman.   Riddle#1


To understand wave formation please read Gravity Force  (Wave Theory).


This formation abides by the rules; it is an ingenious, sophisticated, natural formation

But the form of gravitational wave is so strange that it requires a lot of common sense to understand.

This is due to spontaneous moving of energetic matter, which gives gravitational wave its different forms.       

This is similar to the fact that no two people are alike and no two minds think the same way , but have different energetic patterns.


In my first book, United Nature Theory (2001), I described theoretical behavior of energetic matter which is formed from two loops, energetic and magnetic gravity loops. The pictures from nature approve my idea.


gravitational fof force radiates inward
Magnetic –Gravitational Semi-loop Electric -Energetic Semi-loop