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Evolution of universe and sex 

Quantum duality evolution

United nature theory.  Wave theory.

Chaim Henry Tejman 

What is the purpose of sex ? Bisexual creatures presumably live better.

Is independence an un favorite mode of  living or Is the independency from the other a positive notion ? From the bible we see that all living formations were coupled as Adam and Eva and from Noah’s arc all animals are couple formations.

What is the purpose of evolution of the Universe and especially of sex ?


The evolution of the Universe is the most ingenious and sophisticated creation of the 


In all its outcomes quant, (wave formation) has the same behavior (evolution)  as the main creator.


Wave theory-United nature theory describes nature like Darwin’s work.   I write this theory after 150 years with new discoveries and I will begin from the Big bang, the creation of our “universe”.

Relaying on all the discoveries from various disciplines I can associate all the findings from nature including, physics and chemistry to show the evolution of the universe. From the beginning, the Universe, dispersed by evolution phase transitions again to space.. Energetic matter ,(basic fabrics=condensed space time energy} sophisticated formation is still beyond our perception and is endless.

I know that the problem of evolution and especially of sex will be very controversial but I try to address it because this is the basic of evolution of organic formations.(see Darwin work; evolution of the species). Inorganic formation outcome is evolution by phase transition, but  the organic formation outcome evolution, by “sex”; (see Darwin’s work The origin of species by means of natural selection and natural selection by survival of the fittest.)

In  4/5/2004 I have lectured in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem about my, United nature theory. Scientifically per se  I didn’t expect that this theory , (like Darwin’s which is refused by religious sects) will be accepted by religious circles.

I was surprised that religious schools which rejected Darwin’s notion of evolution accept my theory which refers to the universe creation from the beginning and was accepted with enthusiasm. These ideas are popular among religious circles especially kabalistic since the most are related to energetic matter and the important equation in my theory was Einstein’s equation, E=MC^2.

This energy is the basic idea of  the kabala.

As a scientist  I do not endorse the total separation of religion and science because 90% or more of the worlds population are believing people among them are the greatest scientists.

We always can exist in peace and respect each other..

We  know about struggles  between scientific circles and scientific institutions among themselves the same problem exists between religious sects  and is not unique to scientific and religious circles. That is a problematic issue,  it is induced by power struggles. This is a humane fall down.

According to Einstein’s General relativity the beginning of the universe started as “space time curvature” and wave theory adds that those curvatures created condensed matter formations like nebulas and black holes. This energetic matter is a constant living and moving formation. The last observations of a black hole in its most condensed formation (singularity) reveal that it expels quanta of energetic matter similar to .Plank’s black body radiation. This is quant - photon,  according to ,United nature theory is composed of two components, as nature shows in its full glorious shine.




Quants –gravitationals waves                                                                      


 It is unnecessary to convince people, because only a hint of common sense  is needed to see that every quant formation is a couple (duality).

Those primary formations that appeared after the Big bang,{quant} independent wave formation clearly show two formations.  

From the beginning of our universe it appears that

duality is a wave particle- couple formation (sex??)

In the last century, the issue of universe research was undertaken by physicists, dedicated to quantum mechanics which per se is an ingenious part of physics but the universe however, is quant formation .( all formations as Einstein predicted) not mechanic formations involve natural beautiful rules, and physics is one  discipline of natural sciences.

From the pictures above we see that duality (couple-sex} is from the beginning of the universe after the Big bang. Every formation in all phase

transitions (evolution} have this basic duality structure.
In inorganic formations example (atoms) the proton and neutron are together in one gravitational wave. (in galaxies above also this energetic and magnetic semi loops are associated and energy circulate between them in energetic paths. The energetic path has masculine properties and disperse easily in space and easily associates with other formations but magnetic semi loop has storing properties enabling the maintenance of wave (quant) formation-couple. This semi magnetic loop life is longer i.(see my work ,Why do woman live longer ?)






 Galaxy M51

However one of the most ingenious creations of energetic matter are organic formations

In liquid, mainly in water atoms from the soil which can disembark and by Brownian motion can meet each other and assemble conglomerates by covalent and non covalent bonds. This in turn creates concentrated formations- (colonies) in which with time specific formations appear for different functions (evolution).

The most important role of these organic formations is hydrogen atom with its high energetic capacity by its long electron radius which is most significant in comparison to the size of the atom and hydrogen  and is the main component of evolution of living formation .Its long electron radius {large radius} accept energy from the vicinity.

Other important atoms are oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium and other metals which have the ability to store energetic matter and contact these atoms.

 As the colony grows it requires more energy, which is not available in the vicinity and for that purpose creates pseudopodia for more of surplus energy.


With, evolution, this pseudopodia separates in order to gain territory and bring energy in.

.Every pseudopodia (male-sex) have the same wave vibration as its colony (female sex) .The separate part brings in energy which surplus causes the maintenance and division of the colony.

Only a colony can divide and the energetic part (male behavior) is only a part of the colony formation.(see the article :”why woman live longer)

The female and male have the same vibrations{wave frequency} and recognize  each other like distant molecules known in physics. (when one molecule vibrates all similar molecules in the vicinity vibrate. This causes  male part to bring its energy only to the same energetic formation, (quantum wave formation couple formation). Very interesting phenomenon is that daughter colonies became exactly similar in their energetic behavior and need generation in order to change (evolution) the acquired structures (genes).

The most prominent example in carcinogenic diseases is that all metastases are the same as the primary tumor lesions A primary lesion occurs when energetic matter trekking fails.And this is hard to correct. See article; ”Introduction to cancer”.


From that we can see that duality is the prime creation from the beginning of the universe. creation and organic formations by their duality (sex)  evolution can create forms beyond our imagination.

Duality of energetic matter formation is a principle and is  the basic formation  of evolution.

The evolution of the universe (quant) continues billions of years and  rotation time of the universe is near zero. The  smaller formation rotate faster (bacteria) and the evolution is faster. That is the reason that bacterial over turn is only few hours.  (Einstein’s idea that we add speed and energy  to some organic formation and then its turn over time is slower. That may be a prolonged life existence. The evolution of sex of every individual like human from birth to decay have different stage. New generation will have new  genes with its evolution remembrance, like Darwin and Lamarck idea. . 


The evolution of the Universe is the greatest ingenious and sophisticated creation of the masterpiece. Evolution of inorganic formation outcomes by phase transiotions and evolution of organic formation outcome by sex (natural selection-Darwin). 

                      ©  Tejman Chaim Henry    12-3- 2006 


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