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Hypnosis Theory

Brain: wave particle. quantum, gravitational wave formation

United nature theory-Wave theory, theory of everything.

Tejman Chaim, Henry Dr.


Brain: gravitational wave is the most beautiful ingenious sophisticated nature creation.

HYPNOSIS: This is a natural state behavior of gravitational wave which by adding energetic matter enlarges wave space and distend time {A. Einstein theory} and that enlarges memory.


Only United Nature Theory explains this incredible phenomenon which is still like gravitational wave beyond our imagination.

 In 2001 I published my first book United nature theory, which like the puzzles Darwins theroy and Mendeleyev theory and works encountered concluded my fifty years work. These retrospective led me to the conclusion that the basic structure of everything even for life formations is quantum- {Max Planck theory}-





photon {Albert Einstein} a wave formation, the united nature theory introduces that quantum is composed by two semi-loops and connected by energetic path. One semi-loop has energetic{electric} properties and the second has magnetic{gravitational}      properties. {wave particle}This resembles the famous experiment of  M.Faraday. Picture1 Galaxy M 51              Picture 2. Faraday’s experiment

{particle –wave formation}      closed energetic formation.From sky observations we see independent formation composed from two parts .{quantum} galaxy M 51 resembling Faradays two parts component.




                  Pict.3                    Pict.4                         Pict.5

Gravitational-wave  Brain gravitational   Solar prominence explanation   wave       gravitational wave Gravitational wave composed by energetic source ,ascending electric path, and descending, swirling gravitational path.









Brain is a classical quantum (wave formation –wave particle) one energetic right side lobe and one magnetic left side lobe with large halo of energetic matter activity from brain cells. With located inside remembers frames.The magnetic semi loops is responsible for the main body functions.Brain is the most energetic path of the body and utilized 33% of the total energy consumption.Brain is liquid. gel formation because it contains a lot of water and her hydrogen atom is the most energetic atom by her large electron radius main atom for life creation,This with high energetic capacity hydrogen atom, create large hallow around the brain which is responsible for our spirit  and for mixing energetic waves from different locations Though appears of the wave semi loop quant.

The brain is more intelligent when having  more gyres ,  Those more gyres have more  cells with remembers frame {genes}and create larger hallow. Then mix remembers frame from different locations. Young brain which is more liquid and has a larger wave hallow then old and dry brains with low energetic hallow.

Hypnosis- by different methods rises the energetic level of brain and aspire frames of genes in which the thoughts are located. This helps to receive different things hidden in the brain.

This wave formation “brain” shows that the electric part of brain is  a virtual wave formation which has no finite borders and we can read that by E.E.G. devices, outside of brain and brains wave can disperse to space. That  is the  reason that  twins with the same wave frequency  became consciously the wave frequency from his brother. How this brain activity is greater his wave part is greater and his wave{spirit} part space is larger and time prolonged. That means that brain, wave formation, quant depend of energetic source of our body. that means that our spirit is incredible formation of our complete quant-wave two semi loops formation. The brain needs for its activity constant supply of energy and lack of this substance after critical time destroy his energetic semi loop.  More energetic formation which has a dilated time [see Einstein theory}, It can perform more functions in the same time. and see them more clearly, We can dream even without sleep by wave part increases. In sleep when the body rests the brain with her energetic regulation expel this extra energetic matter by discharge of a dream. This discharge goes in only milliseconds but because it’s a large energetic event, that means  we have dilatated time and It seems as a long event. We have habitual thoughts called super conscious mind that are below our conscious, and hypnosis is helpful in opening those hidden frames ..Hypnosis is useful to recover repressed hidden frames, memories frames  to people who have witnessed or have been victims of crime or of others like situations. The hypnosis helps recover detail of their experience. From experiment we know that in hypnosis electrical waves {electric semi loop}are changes. from their low  state to higher state and we can call them altered state of mind. Freud wisely gave up using hypnosis in therapy. In hypnosis while by adding energy to the brain by different manipulation,  from inside or outside the body we enlarge this energetic wave capacity, the same process occurs when students take  pills before exams. The same process occur in stress, we expand the brain energetic capacity and at the same time we are in like dream without sleep, by enlarging the energetic capacity, we enlarge the remembering frames (Nir Sitvani , theory and proof by experiments) By hypnosis hidden frames are awakened. It is known from cardiac surgeries that sometimes after resuscitation that they see big fire ball connected to the body. There  are  ample evidence for that by many patients, wave theory explains that this most energetic body formation which sudden support of blood supply, stop this energy is released in wave formation, that is a shining ball. This living though creation is not “supra natural” formation. that is one of ingenious unbelievable brain gravitational wave formation  and hypnosis is one of ability to utilization of our brain properties


United Nature Theory explain hypnosis as one of incredible {fantastic}creation of nature .Wave Theory explain that this Psycho-Spirit is creation of our own body energetic matter creation We are by evolution born            

as complete some ::”specific quant –wave particle formation” as complete formation together with brain cells with hidden deep located  remembers frames as base course for new frames{genes}. which by evolution {Lamarck and Darwin theory} transfer to next generation.

Our brain by her energetic matter activity expel all time time “energy” to space in form “though “wave which can persist a long time in space and can cam in contact  with the like wave frequency. that what happens in twines

or between relative in family.

The creations of nature are beyond our imagination bat that is reality around us. This is long way to understand her all the secrets but the most interesting work is to search for understanding.


                               ŠTejman Chaim Dr 2005. book3