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Van der Waals forces.

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Wave theory by Tejman Chaim, Dr.


Wave theory explains van der Waals forces and van der Waals forces verifies wave theory. Only one force , energetic matter  (wave formation ) creates the universe and all that reside within it.

 The universe is created (quant ,wave formation) by energetic matter (condensed space, time, energy- van der Waals forces). With time , phase transition and  changes within wave formation,  big quant divides into smaller quanta in series of divisions  to atoms and atoms particles which  further disintegrate  into wave formation- van der Waals forces.

A quant does not contain empty space regardless of its size, but is rather filled, with energetic matter, namely, van der Waals forces which abound within and around energetic formations and space.


Van der Waals forces are energetic matter (a condensed space, time, energy). magnetic semi loops, in  which the energetic matter is more concentrated (plasma),are visible and have a more stable  particle formation

Energetic matter is constantly released from energetic formation, in the form of energetic wave formations - van der Waals forces (second law of thermodynamics-wave theory)

The enormous intergalactic space is not empty but rather filled with energetic matter, commonly known as dark matter, which is van der Waals forces.

This space , or dark matter, allegedly empty, are filled with van der Waals forces which in addition to gravitational force maintain the galaxies in stable position in space and act as attraction and repulsion forces.


Van der Waals forces are in constant movement and according to wave theory , each wave (quant) has two parts (semi loops), the  magnetic one (gravitational) has a magnetic to magnetic repulsion and magnetic to energetic attraction  force, the energetic semi loop force depends on the  configuration of  the energetic semi-loops  repulsive properties or attractive properties..



Figure 1.

             Attraction forces  

Repulsion forces


Van der Waals forces ,as mentioned, are energetic matter and reside in the background of every energetic  intergalactic  formation .

We know that a vibration of a single molecule, induces transmission of vibration to surrounding molecules in the same frequency.

Interestingly however, molecules residing in the same space with different frequencies will react similarly, to their specific molecules , meaning that van der Waals forces express wave formation (quanta) in differing sizes.

This phenomena is of  high significance  to the interconnection of time and space induced by Van der Waals forces in all the universe.

Van der Waals forces are of the highest importance to live formations ,notably, intercellular electric connections, in  brain functioning.

The brain , embedded in hydrated closed environment transmits  energetic signals, a direct outcome of  van der Waals forces. The hydrated environment encapsulating the tissue is an excellent transmitter of electric signals.


A theoretical observation of the universe from a remote perspective would  resemble an atom formation filled with energetic matter.

London and Casimir forces are also van der Waals forces differing only in their frequencies, because waves (quanta) have different unlimited sizes.



Van der Waals forces as well as wave formation have a dimension at each and every direction.

We know the term zero point field is, again, an expression of van der Waals forces (energetic force).

Van der Waals forces as wave theory (quant theory) are comprised of three media, namely, time, space and energy, which are still far apart then we can comprehend.

These media originated from 20th century physics, and are primarily attributed to Planck, Einstein, Heisenberg, Schroedinger and de Broglie.

These concepts were  all revolutionarily to natural sciences and offered a firm basis for the  wave theory.


While the 20th century experimental laboratory contained closed space ,the 21st century turns  to open space universe. Only intelligent research which aspires to elucidate the activity of matter will provide scientific advancement to the understanding of time, space and energy ,  (virtual media),  existing  in nature and require common sense for their understanding.

This stage however is still beyond human perception.

The insight to the significance of van der Waals forces will provide answers that will clarify the issue.


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