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Brain –Time Machine

The Most Sophisticated Nature Creation

Similar to complete quantum - wave formation.

Gravitational wave (quantum, bubble)

United nature theory-Wave-Theory of everything

Tejman Chaim.Henry. 

The Most Sophisticated creation of energetic matter  the brain activity is also similar to ,time machine of  all times.

Brain -wave formation (two semi loops - one quantum, Planck) is the best example of energetic matter duality wave particle {Einstein, De Broglie}. It acts in the highest wave phase transition-in the thought level. It is displayed  consistently as a big quantum (Einstein’s gravitational wave). The brain can open time frames (time genes) which are encoded in specific regions as condensed time space energy. The brain operates multi sensory recal.for cells with remembers “time machine” encoded. 





brain-gravitational wave        Solar prominence-                 Illustration of activity

gravitational wave (NASA) gravitational wave. Red=rigid electric paths. perpendiculargravitational waves.




The brain can fuse past time with future time via backward motion of energetic matter by gravitational waves.{backward time}in. blue color

descending waves to brain

With the addition of energy, like hypnosis or medicine we can stimulate hidden encoded time space genes in cells with “time machine”.  A brain in wave phase operates as virtual formation. Only our mind can travel as time machine and maybe in the future wee be able to send  our mind and receive it as a quantum (energetic wave formation) back from space like computers virtual e-mail that can be our time machine ”dream”.

This problems is seemingly more real then other solutions, to send living creations..

From my chapter, sex evolution, we see how the wave formation can separate energetic semi-loop send and receive its energy back “time machine” Wave theory show that behavior of energetic matter is similar to all fictions ideas and is beyond our imagination. and all fantastic stories. That is natural energetic matter behavior.

Only we must learn its behavior and adapt ourselves to the rules of energetic matter. 

Until now, there was a consensus that mind is a special phenomenon, but the nature wave with two semi loop formation theory can explain every natural phenomenon including brain activity. The process of thought occurs when energetic matter operates on a virtual level. Every living formation which has brain formation, regardless of size, can “think”, as

this is exclusively related to brain development “time machine” 

Thinking appears on a phase wave level and becomes energetic matter from the body, integrating processes from different specific locations in the brain to act simultaneously, like every gravitational wave.









Positron emission thermography.




This action of energy waves is  obvious from pictures obtained

from positron emission thermography,  We clearly see that energetic stimulation increased blood circulation and enhanced  

the signal from the cerebellum to the brain as well as the brain’s  energetic capacity (red) and then appears as magnetic blue semi loop. They circulate around the brain until they find the setting suitable to its formation.

Brain’s activity constantly radiate energetic matter to space as measurable via an EEG examination.” time machine”

Relative members who have similar brain{gravitational wave} frequency

can “fill” their relative. It’s well known ghost séances where all times –relatives-meets ‘time machine’ That is real time machine and Wave Theory explain this natural process.

The nature explains brain’s function , and the brain helps us to understand natures behavior. Time exist only together with space and energy as energetic matter so by time machine we learn behavior this energetic matter.

Summary: Our BRAIN is the most beautiful, incredible.

Sophisticated TIME MACHINE.


Chaim Tejman,Jerusalem 2005