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Coriolis force

Energetic matter motion: Wave Theory


By Dr. Chaim Tejman

The Coriolis forces are the natural and fundamental forces with all its glory. Only wave theory tries to explain the sophisticated Coriolis forces and its actions. The wave theory accepts the concept of energetic matter (condensed energy space time) as a unique and principal force, and the Coriolis forces are an exact representation of this force and verifies Wave Theory.


Coriolis forces (energetic matter force) is the principal force of universe creation. The Coriolis forces are not completely understood and the scientific community is far from being familiar with it. The Coriolis forces, similar to wave theory (energetic matter), consists of the three media: energy time and space that represent the energetic matter, which creates a wave formation that by super positioned motion of revolution and rotation creates two kinds of swirls.


A fine example of the Coriolis forces are in the formation of swirls (Hurricanes – as best viewed from Hubble space telescope



In order to get aquatinted with this activity of the Coriolis forces I would like to introduce all the scientific data gathered in the past few years thanks to the Hubble space telescope and that for the first time explain "Energetic matter motion" which also explains "Coriolis forces motion".

(a) (b) 


(c) (d) (e)


(f) (g)


We witness the Coriolis force motion (energetic matter motion) in nature as can be seen in the following images of the Hurricane. Drawings from my book published 5 years ago reveal similar images of energy matter motion. Images from nature shocked me and the intensity and ingenuity of the motion solves the problem!



Following is a visual explanation of the Coriolis force by Energetic matter motion.

The motion of Revolution and Rotation in superposition mode can be self consistent only by two semiloops with two different swirls inside.

The energetic matter (Coriolis forces) is an eigen-force of every energy matter formation.


I try to explain the energetic matter motion-Coriolis forces still by simple diagrams however these dynamics guiding nature are a brilliant and sophisticated creation which I am still unable to explain in details. This is the intriguing and fascinating reward of exploring the universe.

As we investigate further the forces of nature, we see they are more and more sophisticated and the path to be traveled is still long as hinted by the universe creation. We are still unable to understand what can be seen in Nature; however this might change as Wave theory becomes an integral part of the scientific toolbox of modern 21 st century researches. One must at least understand key notions of String theory, Cold quantum theory and Wave theory to have a solid scientific view. These views are still at their theoretical level however this is the correct path to becoming familiar with the universe.

The data collected so far regarding this Coriolis forces may be wrongfully interpreted as representing different phenomena; however it's obvious that all these images lead to the behavior of Coriolis forces (main force).




(1)   beginning of wave formation – Coriolis force

(2)   Right - This image is similar to the description of the big bang Coriolis force

(3)   We see the creation of another gravitational wave – the supernova explosion
Coriolis force

(4)   Solar prominences explanation, how does the gravitational wave (Coriolis force) being created


(5)   Another picture of solar prominence – Coriolis force

This fundamental force, the Coriolis force appears in many forms and occasions but in all cases it is the same force – the Coriolis force (energetic matter).

The paper "Gravitational wave" (Wave Theory, Dr. Tejman Chaim) shows that at the apex of a wave, a swirl is formed (Coriolis force) which creates new galaxies.


Right: two schemes explaining the gravitational wave


Image of NGC 7742

An additional image of swirl - Coriolis force (main force of nature).

(1)(2)(3) The motion of Coriolis force (Energetic matter motion)

(4)(5)(6) Coriolis Force – the force is the same however it has two different representations at the northern and southern parts of the earth, hence the different angles of the swirls.

(7)(8) Swirls creation.

(9) The Coriolis force has major contribution to airplane navigation.



Energetic matter and Condensed space time energy are similar to the Coriolis force. This force is still a subject of further fascinating work

Gaspard Gustav de Coriolis (1792-1843), a French engineer could have never imagined that his work was devoted to the fundamental force of Nature however the scientific community still praises his work.

Wave theory and Coriolis forces represent the fundamental spirit of nature, still far from deciphering.


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