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Earthquakes: an Untapped Energy Source
A new theory for the utilization of earthquakes
as substitutes for oil and other sources of energy

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Earthquakes have earned their reputation as a natural disaster that brings about much death and suffering. However, this need not be the case. Wave theory not only explains why and how earthquakes occur, but explains how the vast potential of this massive force’s latent energy can be harnessed to serve mankind.

Without some background in the pertinent elements of wave theory, it is difficult to comprehend the inner workings of earthquakes . To follow, then, is a brief summary of the theory’s major relevant premises.

Wave theory’s guiding principle is that everything in the universe was created and aligned by energetic matter.

Energetic Matter = Shrinking Energetic Space and Time

This formula refers to the fifth medium. However, energetic space is the basic medium that created everything. This idea is hardly new. It is based on Einstein’s familiar equation:

  E = MC2
M =

Furthermore, wave theory takes into account Faraday’s experiment whereby a moving magnet bar induces electric currents and vice a versa in space without a connection.

According to Einstein’s formula, it clear that the universe was created —and its elements continue to be formed — from one media: energetic matter. The Second Law of Thermodynamics asserts that energetic matter, which was created by energetic space, expands back to its place of origins (see picture below).

By dint of this expansion, it creates galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, and other forms of shrinking energetic matter. These varied structures, as distinct as they may be, are aligned in the same unified structure: the WAVE FORMATION.

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