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Earthquakes: an Untapped Energy Source(Continued — Page 5)

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According to wave theory, every energetic formation — including solid formations — appears in the form of a wave structure, which is endowed with vast amounts of energy. It stands to reason, then, that an identical situation exists within the earth (see picture below).

In wave structures, energetic (electric) swirls move horizontally and the magnetic swirls move vertically (see picture).

The phenomena also take place in the atmosphere, where the energy is free and relatively unrestricted. However, as aforementioned, within the earth these forces are defined by a stronger inter-connection.

Energy escapes by swirling waves that simultaneously move along two planes (see picture).

This form of motion and escaping energy is responsible for the movement of plates at the earth’s faults — its transverse and vertical modes — that precipitate earthquakes. The dual planes are responsible for the unique and unpredictable behavior of earthquakes.

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