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Earthquakes: an Untapped Energy Source(Continued — Page 6)

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The energetic waves search for alternate gaps or crevices in the crust from which to escape. Huge amounts of discharged energy pound away at the tectonic plates, and the areas where the plates meet are simply the most efficient routes. If scientists can locate significant buildups of energy, perhaps they can reduce the amount of energy by facilitating the release of pent up energy. These efforts would considerably limit the destructive scope of a potential earthquake.

Wave theory, which explains the superposition of energetic matter, provides an explanation for the peaks and valleys of the wave's progress. Therefore, it can provide information that can alert of an immanent disaster.

Animals are sensitive to the immanent arrival of earthquakes and attempt to escape ahead of time. Perhaps, the changes in temperature and vibrations — even minute changes — signal to these animals that disaster is on the way.

Until today, the reasons behind the phenomenon of after quakes are unclear. However, this phenomenon is consistent with wave theory, whereby every energetic wave is composed of smaller waves.

Each quake corresponds to energetic waves that are comprised of magnetic and energetic loops (swirls), which are connected to neighboring waves. Consequently,every earthquake must be followed by an after quake, as the latter is merely the completion of the entire wave (see picture).

Moreover, earthquakes, which are evoked by escaping energetic matter, operate on both horizontal and vertical whirling planes (picture below). This duality explains why earthquakes are so lethal and why they are so difficult to prevent or contain.

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