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Earthquakes: an Untapped Energy Source(Continued — Page 4)

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Our universe is comprised of one energetic formation with two perpendicular energetic swirls (loops): one energetic and one magnetic . This dual formation of the universe was also postulated by Kaluza and Klein, whose theory was approved of by Einstein. Moreover, the planet (its energetic matter) is similarly comprised of two properties: magnetic and energetic/electric (see pictures below).

Perpendicular planes of magnetic and electric fields

A partial view of a wave, which is composed of ever smaller
waves, ad infinitum, until they integrate fully with space

As noted above, since its inception, our planet has constantly released and attempted to release stored up surpluses of energetic matter, but copious supplies of energy are tied down inside the earth’s mantle. The earth will continue to discharge energy until its ultimate destruction (an event which I hope to miss). This dismantling process is part of the life cycle that all energetic matter undergoes, including our universe.

Efforts to study and map the circulating activities that transpire in energetic and magnetic fields within the earth must be expanded. Such efforts will help us comprehend the ostensibly simple yet sophisticated behavior of energetic matter. An understanding of these behaviors will allow us to forecast, plan for, and utilize many of the natural phenomena that take place on and in our planet. For example, meteorologists know that high barometric pressure is always accompanied by incidents of low barometric pressure (see picture, right).

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