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Earthquakes: an Untapped Energy Source
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The Wave Formation is Essentially a Photon-Structure Formation
The Russian scientist, Yuri Prokoshkin discovered the heavy photon by splitting atomic formations. This final component cannot be divided into smaller elements and usually appears as four photons (2 waves = a particle = a helium nucleus).
This structure, which is known as the alpha particle, also serves as the nucleus of the helium atom. Consequently, the photon structure is apparently the fundamental structure of every stable formation in our universe. The photon is comprised exclusively from energetic matter and every formation decomposes into photons. Therefore, it stands to reason that the entire universe is similarly composed of energetic matter, which appears in the form of a photon formation (see picture below).

As such, we can assume that our planet was formed by one of sun’s energetic paths (rings — see picture below).

This occurred when the sun/wave (mini galaxy) started to take form. Consequently, our planet, which was formed from a build up of energetic matter from the sun’s energetic path, is an entirely energetic formation (see picture below).


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