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Earthquakes: an Untapped Energy Source
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According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics the earth losses its energy to “space” (see picture) as does every other energetic formation.

Over time, the earth cooled down due to the loss of energy, and its outer layer solidified into the earth’s mantle and crust (picture below, left). The latter makes it difficult for the tremendous amount of energetic matter within the earth’s surface to depart. Energetic matter attempts to escape by all possible means: volcanoes, geysers, and the tectonic shifts , which is of course the reason for earth quakes (see picture, right).

The nucleus of the earth may be thought of as a single nuclear pile reactor, which created and creates everything in our planet, including human beings. This is the true wonder of nature. As fantastic or as far-fetched as it may seem, these are the facts!

Until today, scientists have attributed atmospheric diversity solely to phenomenon that are linked to the sun, wind, and clouds. However, energetic changes within the earth’s surface also impact the atmosphere. These atmospheric energetic reactions always appear in the form of a wave, which consists of low and high barometers of pressure that correspond to a wave formation’s energetic and magnetic components (see picture, right). Consequently, every weather forecast provides us with an indication of expected changes within the earth and vice a versa.

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