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Solar systems creation

United nature theory

Chaim Henry Tejman, Dr.


In early 2002, star from constellation (mok-no-ser-05) , v838 monoceratis ,grew very bright and then faded away with very interesting appearance in its envelope.

This solar system creation was accompanied by a large explosion and the appearance of surrounding shell.


1   solar system creation   NASA  



  2        solar system creation  NASA


 The same star going through  the different stages of maturation.


3 solar system creation NASA  4  
 5 solar system reation NASA
  6     solar system creation   NASA


7.  We assume this is one of the ways of solar system creation


A similar sight resembling a solar system creation  was discovered by scientist working with SUBARO telescope  who observed a protostar with a protoplanetary dust surrounding it.



In my second book, "Thoughts on Wave Theory", (wave theory, 2003) I  predicted  creation of a solar system.(p.41) in a similar way ,however a thorough explanation is still a riddle of nature















Saturn's rings








9. The solar system and the earth's system.


In my wave theory I can not explain why Venus has another spin and why planets in the middle of the solar system are larger and contain more energy.

The pictures from Hubble telescope  and others move the discipline of natural sciences forward ,uniting natural sciences with physics and astronomy.


The photographs above (pic1.-6) are outstanding in depicting the creation of gravitational waves, (quant). Electric semi loop form in the center and magnetic matter semi loop form in the periphery. All appear as a gravitation wave, (bubble). By  pushing force (fundamental force). (Pict.2), a dispersion of  the shell occurs. Picture 3 illustrates , expansion of energetic shell, gravitational matter. In picture 4-5, this creation  continues to grow and cool down. Pic.6 shows large energetic path (red) ,solar prominence which creates the shell around magnetic path semi loop.

In  pic. 4-5 at the top left (11 o'clock) additional prominence appears with energetic formation on apex  and that can explain the creation of a planet which obeys different  rules of the large discs and maybe in this fashion appears also new formation like Venus.

The large disk is also a prominence which has contacts with energetic source which is the source for planet formation. The prominence shell is huge, containing a lot of energetic matter within the shell's center with considerable thickness, and can explain why center planets like Jupiter and Saturn are larger from the others and still the most energetic in the solar system.

We observe energetic matter dispersing from the shell resembling flat feathers. Pic. 4-5-6 This may explain Saturn's rings formation.


10.           NASA 


The energetic matter inside the shell, by the revolving and rotation motion, in the energetic path around the sun is always in the form of swirls merged together to form  large swirl-planets.(pic.11)

With this idea we are already familiar to pictures of major cloud formation taken from shuttles. These small formations merge together to form a large energetic cloud -hurricane.









The planets form moons in the same way.

Every planet is  engaged to its gravity wave and solar source.

Every planet path has gravitational ascending and gravitational descending path, invisible to us, meaning each planet has its gravitational waves (bubble) which is extremely rigid to solar systems.

(However I wouldn't recommend atomic bombs to test its rigidness.)


Every planet has a wave frequency in its solar system which doesn't interrupt other stars (quant, bubbles, wave formation).

I thought the pictures taken by Hubble and other telescope offer an explanation for the creation of the solar system.   




Hubble space telescope and others, discovered not only new phenomena in  space but offered a new understanding of nature. That was exactly what inspired me to write the "united nature theory" which tries to unify everything including solar system creation, cloud hurricane, moons.


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