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The universe paradox

The universe like Schrodinger cats, alive and not alive for ever.

The ingenious paradox of the universe creation.

United Nature Theory-Theory of Everything.

Chaim. Henty Tejman


In 2001 I published my first book United nature theory, concluding fifty years of work, these retrospective led me to the conclusion that the basic structure of everything is quantum- {Max Planck}-photon {Albert Einstein} formation and my theory of  quantum-wave formation, which is composed of two semi-loops and connected by energetic path( one semi-loop has energetic properties and the second has magnetic properties). {wave particle like galaxy M-51 complement both theories}. This resembles the famous experiment of M.Faraday which show that this closed formation is composed of two formations and are complete creation{quantum}





 Galaxy M-51(wave formation)          Faraday’s experiment

 One of the most ingenious ideas of the 20th century was Schrödinger’s cats (paradox) that wasn’t enthusiastically accepted by Einstein. This problem is under hot discussions to this very day and united nature theory (UNITED NATURE THEORY) invented this paradox as one important concept of physics and nature. UNITED NATURE THEORY exactly explains this thought. The UNITED NATURE THEORY. claims that the basic formation of every thing is wave (quant formation composed of two parts) electric which disperses and connect energetic matter and magnetic, that keeps and shrinks energetic matter like electromagnetic field. One semi loop ‘says’  ‘yes’ and the second ‘not’ and vice versa. The quantum paradox and the universe which is also quantum formation behave like this Schrödinger cats paradox {see pictures}.  





Right -magnetic.

That is the most ingenious idea of Schrodinger and only nature can form and express this creation.In this peculiar ingenious idea of Schrodinger paradox that approves  that quantum behaves like two formations with two opposite behaviors  in one creation {only UNITED NATURE THEORY can explain this ingenious universe paradox}. That is beyond our imagination that is its ingenious behavior which can create this amazing universe and Schrodinger invented this idea that simultaneously exists and does not exist. Kaluza and O.Klein, the great mathematicians introduced the equation proving that the universe must be composed of two parts, this idea  was warmly approved by Einstein. 

UNITED NATURE THEORY , claims that wave, quant formation must be composed of two formations, both , for stability and circulation of energetic matter . Every experiment show that energetic {electric} matter must flow to magnetic and electric and vice versa, one formation can’t exist without the second. Therefore, every quantum must be composed of two semi formation, one has electric behavior and the second magnetic-gravitational ,together closed wave formation. This Faraday formation is a closed two semi loops formation in which electric matter can circulate only in this closed formation  like time paradox (see galaxy M-51) closed galaxy M-51 that doesn’t have beginning or end because it’s a closed formation. (circulus viciosum) that means that time has no beginning and no end. This formation is suitable for Newton absolute time of universe which has not beginning or end.(endless) and inside this closed big galaxies we have different smaller formations , stars, planets, atoms which have beginning and end. From wave theory we know, that those three media {space, time, energy} are bonded together, one can’t exist without the other, The basic fabrics of the universes creation space, time ,energy are eternal {Newton’s absolute time} This means that closed universe formation is endless by evolution rolling between her two semi loops and is born again, and again …and again endlessly .It’s a closed  formation with endless basic fabrics and borders and can shrink and expend and disperse and reborn. Because the universe is larger it revolves slowly and its time is distant, the more formations shrink the process is faster. From Einstein’s work we clearly see , that time and space maybe contracted and delayed, that means that the universe as  a formation may be contracted and dilated are bonded together. UNITED NATURE THEORY explains that Einstein time is suitable for internal  quant formation which has beginning and decay, but Newton’s universe time pass by evolution rolling, therefore both Einstein and Newton’s time coexist in those rolling universe In my equation , quant constants { book 3} I explain that when energetic semi loop dilate the magnetic semi loop shrinks and explode creating new universe and here appears a new paradox. It is a universal  rule that  absolute Newton’s time and all inside formation have that Einstein time  but when new universe appears new TIME appears. Newton's absolute time appears by evolution to be a relative time and other paradox that Einstein's time like all energetic matter {time, space energy} together with them start to be eternal, absolutely. That means, Einstein's and Newton's time is eternal absolute and relative for both.

And UNITED NATURE THEORY. unites Einstein’s time with Newton’s time like  UNITED NATURE THEORY  unite between Plancks and Eimsteins ideas.

From wave theory we know that energetic semi-loops disperses energy and decay while magnetic semi loop shrinks   and like super nova explode This magnetic semi loop is created by electric semi loop And that appears intermittently. The basic first formation for wave formation is electric force which by its peculiar revolving, rotation motion like ,space time curvature of Einstein, create condensed formation which create wave formation. The first known research of Casimir “force from nothing,” it is known  as half photon that is exclusively suitable for wave theory electric force quantum (photon) formation. Composed of two parts and electric parts half photon, is the beginning of a new quant formation. From this we can start speculating the beginning substance fabric known till today similar to Casimir force.

This force is not fully  understood media but exist around us in every space. The universe by its energetic matter is in constant activity living formation and is born intermittently once from energetic semi loop by black hole like  formation and by magnetic semi loop  like explosions , like Lemaitre idea, this continous infinitly rolling by the two semi loop. This to say that the universe has begining and and end but her basic fabrics energetic matter {space, time, energy} are eternal.

This seemingly paradox (Schrödinger’s cats is a most ingeniously formation of this energetic matter. Life is forever by evolution rolling drive. This universe evolution {rolling} is like electricity motion or like D.N.A. behavior .(see pictures).  

Electricity flow Energetic matter flow in D.N.A.



  Rolling energetic matter flow, like in DNA, universes.

 We are only in the beginning of the road in the understanding of the universe  which is ingenious sophisticated creation beyond our wildest dream, but it’s relative and can not be a more beautiful creation then our universe forever.

Only wave theory by two semi loops, wave (quant formation}, can explain this phenomenon ingenious eternal creation, universe paradox.


Tejman Chaim 2005-book3


Schrödinger’s ingenious paradox. Alive and not alive.



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I’m not a universe paradox !