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Brain – Gravitational wave (quant, bubble).

United nature theory – wave theory

Tejman Chaim, Dr.


The following picture of the brain illustrates the naturally created gravitational waves (bubble).

It was Einstein who correctly attributed great significance to gravitational waves.



Every gravitational wave (quant, bubble),  is an autonomic unit of condensed energetic matter, (condensed space, time, energy) which is a basic formation for everything including our brain..

The similar  formations have strikingly a  common basic formation


Picture of solar prominence.                                                                    

Gravitational waves (bubble) ,quant formation             


 gravitational wave formation.   

 (quant, bubble)                                                                                      

Atomic explosion, in the apex of energetic paths creates bubbles,

Quants, gravitational waves.


Every inorganic or organic formation to be stable formation must be quant (wave formation by two swirls, bubble). Therefore our brain is a perfect quant formation.


Summary: The brain is a perfect  gravitational wave, quant, bubble.


Chaim Tejman September  2005. ©  copyright