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The Aurora

Tejman Chaim,Henry, Dr.

United nature theory, Wave theory.

The aurora ,  is one of the most beautiful spectacles of energetic matter.

The aurora , and solar prominence are the same formations of energetic

matter ={condensed space time energy}-wave  theory

Solar prominence lt,aurora rt.          .

THE Aurora like solar prominence {classic gravitational wave} have ascending path {energetic} and perpendicular descending magnetic path.which appears from energetic source.

Solar prominence

Click to enlarge; NASA

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low energetic source

Solar Prominences largrgetic source

The aurora , vieu from shuttle resemble a closed formation with energetic source .Tha is  a classical gravitational wave.

The aurora , shows behavior of energetic matter, her force,strength.

The aurora shows in all its glory the wild behavior of energetic matter, (but obey the natural law)

The aurora , clearly shows that energetic wave ,gravitational wave (quant}is composed of 2 parts .Ascending energetic semi loop and magnetic semi loop connected perpendicular to energetic ascending paths {WAVE THEORY}.



The aurora composed of two parts ascending energetic and descending perpendicular magnetic like solar prominence.

The aurora explains how the gravitational wave behave.The aurora different formation, are beyond our imagination because wild spontaneus moving of energetic matter  create different pictures.


The aurora can be in different sizes depending in the energetic source from earth like solar prominence..


The aurora gravitational waves appears in every place on planet but are larger ni poles where magetic semi loop is dominant.

The aurora composed by different wave lengths and that is the reason that excite different atoms\in\our atmosphere giving c spectacular glows.The aurora as gravitational wave can be detected by wave dedectors equipement

The aurora like curtain motion show exactly how magnetic-gravitational wave move like electron which is the magnetic part –semi loop in atom.Wave theory explains the ingenious inspiration of Einstein who said small and large formations must be similar quant formation.       


 The Mice Galaxies{NGC4676 

The aurora perpendicular – magnetic path move like curtain ,like electron, 

Like galaxy NGC4676,UGC10214, Whirlpoo Galaxy ,etc.  Ths motion is specific for formation in magnetic semi loop {curtain motion }                 


The aurora    

Aurora curls


The heart of the whirlpool galaxy M 51 transition from energetic path to magnetic path by swirl formation. The aurora is the classical energetic waves with two semi loops and the curls are the magnetic perpendicular gravitational semi loop and they move from up down {descending path }opposite to energetic ascending path. That is classical gravitational wave {quant} behaviour.of aurora The aurora show the rotation an revolving motion of energetic matter in every gravitational wave but in different  phase transition the picture change But obey the natual laws.The aurora like curtain show exactly how electron move inn atom and help to understand the atom structure.

Wave theory explains Aurora as by different sizes gravitational waves {frequency}make a sound.. Aurora gravitational waves by different sizes appears in every energetic natural formation.

The aurora from safelights  from up see as one closed formation.

AURORA So, look gravitational wave in its insight behavior.


Aurora and Solar prominence are classical gravitational waves.