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The Fundamental Force
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Energetic matter creates its own energetic path by means of its spinning and swirling, mobile behavior. Sparks (quarks), lightening, and thunder are common examples of this phenomena (pictures below), which can also be observed in Wilson chambers and in the aftermath of supernova explosions.

The swirling and spinning movement of energetic matter along its path forms closed formations that are comprised of two loops aligned in a pair of intertwined circular structures (picture, right). This formation constitutes a main force that essentially created and creates everything (including other forces) by virtue of the extant force that exists within the wave formation.

Absolutely everything is composed of this, and only this, main force of energetic matter. Nevertheless, the vast diversity that the natural world is endowed with is the result of the particular path in every individual wave formation. To follow is an explanation of the fundamental forces (energetic paths) and their creative endeavors (please see the chart at the beginning of the article).

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